September 15 News The first round of the Premier League,Chelsea beat Brighton 3-1 away.After the game,Blues coach Frank Lampard expressed his support for goalkeeper Kepa,Sky Sports commentator Gary Neville said,There is no top goalkeeper in the team,It is impossible to reach the top of the Premier League.

I don’t think Lampard is happy for Kepa.(If it’s myself) I won’t be satisfied,But I also know very well,In the position of coach,In the locker room,You must openly support your goalkeeper.But the goals conceded in this game,It really shouldn’t have.”

“Kepa lost so many goals outside the penalty area last season,Lost another one tonight,This will cost you.If you don’t have a top goalkeeper,It is impossible to win the Premier League championship.

“For now,He made too many mistakes,Too many balls that should have been saved.He conceded a total of 19 goals from outside the penalty area.This is a pity for a goalkeeper worth 70 million pounds.”

“Years ago,I criticized Kalius and Mignole a lot.Lost 50 goals in a season,But when Alisson came to the team,Everything has become normal.In my time as a player,It’s the same with Manchester United,We have such a period between Schmeichel and Van der Sar,But once the latter joined,Everything is normal.”

“The same as Guardiola’s first season with Manchester City.Bravo kept conceding the ball,And the save success rate is very low,Edsson joined,The situation is normal again.If you don’t have the right goalkeeper,It will be difficult for the team to achieve the goal.Winning the league is even more impossible.”

“If a goalkeeper keeps throwing long shots outside the penalty area,Unable to take the initiative in their own area,Always lose points for set-pieces,Then you can’t win the league.It won’t happen.”

“This is an obvious alarm.Lampard knew this.He also played for a championship team,Know what you need to do,Lampard doesn’t like this goalkeeper,He wants the players to leave,Then buy a new goalkeeper.Because he knows that if he cannot win the Premier League in the next two or three years,Then he will be fired.”

“Lampard spent 200 million pounds,So he must do this.Guardiola did it,Klopp did it,Sir Ferguson did it too.Any coach needs to be strict.Lampard must be ruthless,For himself for the 70 million pounds,He wants to manage the club’s money,Trying to recover,But unfortunately,The money is gone.”

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