September 20th At 03:00 on September 20, Beijing time,The second round of the Premier League continues,Arsenal vs. West Ham United.In the first half,Aubameyang assisted Lacazette with a header,Antonio scored to equalize the score; in the second half,Antonio hit the crossbar with a header,Enkadia scored.After the whole battle,Arsenal 2-1 West Ham United.

In the 4th minute of the opening,West Ham United’s left corner kicked into the penalty area.Obona ferryed the header from his teammate,The head-shaking attack was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

On the 16th minute,Bowen steals the ball and counterattacks with the ball.The referee did not say that he broke into the penalty area and fell to the ground.

25 minutes,Saka squeezed Aubameyang forward,Aubameyang inverted the triangle to pass the goal,Lacazette keeps up with the head hammer and breaks!The referee confirmed that the goal is valid after hearing the opinions of VAR!Arsenal 1-0 West Ham United!

30th minute,William followed Sarkar on the left side of the penalty area,After Saka made some adjustments,The right foot volleys the ball vigorously above the crossbar.

38 minutes, The slow-motion playback showed that Gabriel had been suspected of handball in the penalty area.Neither the referee nor VAR said anything.

45 minutes,The blog post was assigned to Fredericks who plugged in on the right side of the penalty area.Fredericks got the ball low and swept across the goal.Antonio scored with a shovel!West Ham United 1-1 Arsenal!

After halftime,Arsenal 1-1 West Ham United.

Easy side fought again in the 52nd minute,Masuyacu crossed from the left to the penalty area,Antonio’s volley shot was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

66 minutes,Masuyacu crossed from the left to the penalty area,Antonio headed the goal and the ball hit the crossbar.

At the 85th minute,Saka thrust the ball straight into the penalty area.Ceballos got the ball to face the attacking goalkeeper and knocked it across the center.Nkadia scored easily in the face of an empty goal!Arsenal 2-1 West Ham United!

After the whole battle,Arsenal 2-1 West Ham United.

Player rating:

In terms of scoring,Ceballos received the highest score in the game,Aubameyang followed closely; West Ham United,The outstanding performance of Antonio won the team’s highest score.


Arsenal (3-4-3): 1- Leno, 2- Bellerin, 6-Gabriel, 16- Holding, 3- Tierney, 34- Xhaka, 8- Ceballos, 7-Saka (89’David Lewis), 12-William (63’Pepe), 14-Aubameyang, 9-Lacazette (76’Nkatia)

West Ham United (5-4-1): 1-Fabianski, 24-Feredricks, 23-Diop, 21-Obonne, 3-Creswell, 26-MasuYacu (90’Felipe Anderson), 41- Rice, 28- Soucek, 18- Fornals (88’Allais), 20-blog post (83’Yalmolenko), 30-Antonio