September 21st At 23:30 on September 20th, Beijing time,Premier League round 2,Chelsea vs. Liverpool at home.The two teams didn’t have many opportunities in the first half.Christensen left the field in red.In the second half of the game, Thiago came off the bench to make his debut.Mane scored the first goal with a header.Kepa gives gifts,Mane laughed at the big gift and scored twice,Alisson saved Jorginho’s penalty.In the end, the whole game ended,Chelsea lost to Liverpool 0-2 at home.

The pre-match broadcast footage was given to Liverpool’s new aid Thiago,Thiago is on standby in this field.

At the 14th minute,Kepa rashly attacked and made a mistake in judgment.Salah’s shot from a small angle on the right side of the penalty area was blocked.

On the 32nd minute,Werner stopped the ball in the frontcourt and then broke forward.Then Werner’s low shot missed the ball slightly.

36 minutes,Henderson sent a pocket pass from the right to the penalty area.Later Robertson’s shot missed the ball.

38 minutes,Havertz sent a cross after getting the ball in the front court.Werner kept up in front of the goal and missed the ball.Since Havertz was offside ahead,The attack was invalid.

44 minutes,Henderson sent a long pass from the backcourt,Mane, who received the ball in the frontcourt, was knocked to the ground by the defending Christensen.The referee directly showed Christensen a red card and sent him off.

Then Alexandre Arnold took a set kick,The ball crossed the wall and went above the goal crossbar and out of the baseline.

After halftime,Chelsea temporarily drew with Liverpool 0-0 at home.

Easy side fought Henderson again and was replaced.蒂亚戈替补上演首秀。