September 16th The Athletic Uk reporters David Ornstein and Jack Pitt-Brooke (reporters for Tottenham),Dermot Corrigan (Spanish reporter) co-authored today,Tottenham Hotspur is close to signing an agreement with Real Madrid to sign Spanish left-back Reggie Ron.The Athletic revealed,Although the transaction has not yet been finalized,But there has been great progress,Therefore, this transaction is very likely to be completed.

Ornstein also answered three questions about Tottenham and the deal in the short article.Which includes—

Why is Zidane willing to let Reggie go?

Zidane has never had a cold with Reggie.And the connection between them goes back to 2015,At that time Zidane was the coach of Castilla,He has already loaned Reggie Long toLogrono Football Club plays.And after the two came to the first team at the same time,The relationship between the two parties has not improved either,Zidane prefers Marcelo,In Xia Chuang, he signed the French left-back Mendi and rented Reggie to Seville again.

Reggie Ron played very well in Seville,And completed his debut in the Spanish national team,But all of these,Neither can win the position in Zida’s heart.

Do Tottenham really need to buy another left-back?

Mourinho has always trusted Ben Davis,But Davis’s assist ability at the left back position is really lacking.In the current lineup structure of Tottenham,The lack of offensive ability is a very significant defect.Reggie Long can make up for this shortcoming very clearly.

of course,Some people will have questions,Why does Mourinho not use the 20-year-old Sessegnon,After all, Tottenham regards this young England talent as an important candidate for the position of offensive full-back in the future.

What kind of players do Spurs hope to sign in the transfer market this summer?

The last few puzzles of Tottenham’s current lineup are also obvious.A backup center back and a backup center who can breathe Harry Kane.Tottenham do not have enough funds to pursue top players,So the ideal approach is to find an experienced center.Ornstein fried some cold rice here,Tottenham had previously been linked to Norwegian center Sollot, who was loaned to Trabzonspor by Crystal Palace.And multiple reports have confirmed that Tottenham is indeed interested in Sollot.

But Sollot’s current situation is very complicated.Trabzonspor hopes to get as much transfer fee as possible after the buyout,So this deal is very tricky.The Athletic article also mentioned that Metz’s high center Diallo and Frankfurt’s center Dost are both candidates on the list.These two people have also been mentioned many times in media transfer rumors.The only new target is Wolfsburg’s Dutch center Wighorst.But from the current source of news,Tottenham’s reinforcement in the center position still needs time to negotiate.