September 17 News Not long ago,Sane interacted with fans and netizens on Twitter,Answered some questions about Bayern, Manchester City and himself.

-Who was your idol when you were growing up?

These two

-Are you going to become a Hulk like Gretzka?

Who knows.You will see

-How was your career in the Manchester City jersey?Are you happy playing football there?

I am very grateful and proud of my 4 years of life in Manchester,It was a compact and successful time.We won many trophies together,I also became the young player of the year in 2018,I learned a lot there,And then made me who I am today.

-Are you still watching the Manchester City game?

I watched Manchester City’s remaining games last season,I will definitely watch as many games as possible in the new season.

-What color is Manchester?


-Who should win the Golden Globe?

Frankly speaking,Levan and De Bruyne.The older Lewand became stronger,It’s incredible; De Bruyne has dedicated an extraordinary season,He has a lot of assists and goals.

-If you are not a player,What will you do?


-Do you miss Gundogan?

Yes,He is a good teammate and friend.

-What do you think of the city of Munich

well,But it’s a pity that I haven’t learned more,But I will try to understand.

-What are your expectations for the new season?

Able to stay healthy,And quickly return to the best condition; there will be no special games,Goals and assists data, etc.At the end of the season,I can say that I have a good season,And as a team we won some championships.