September 18th Former Manchester City striker Paul Dikov recently published an article in his column,He talked about Manchester City in the article,He said Manchester City is likely to win the Premier League title this season.Dikov also talked about Ferran Torres,He thinks Ferran has the speed of Sane and the dribbling skills of the B seat.Is a very good player.

Which club will win the Premier League this season?

“I think Manchester City is very likely to win the Premier League championship this season,I ran into De Bruyne on the golf course before,I chatted with him for a while,He said he couldn’t wait to return to the game,And help Manchester City achieve good results.”

“I think from De Bruyne’s attitude we can see Manchester City’s desire for the championship this season.I don’t think Liverpool’s lineup is good enough this season.”

“Liverpool’s starting lineup is indeed excellent,But they may also face injuries,Manchester City cannot afford to lose Laporte,This has been proven before,And Liverpool can’t afford to lose Van Dijk.”

“I think both Van Dijk and Laporte are among the best central defenders in the world.I think Aker is a great signing for Manchester City.”

“Ferran Torres, whom they introduced before, is also a very good player.But I don’t want him to bear too much pressure.”

“I admire Ferran Torres very much,I think he has the speed of Sane and the dribbling skills of Bernardo Silva,We will know in the future that he is a great signing for Manchester City.”

“And I think Manchester City can still bring in a few outstanding players.”

If Bell returns to the Premier League,Can he succeed again?

“If Tottenham signs back to Bell,I think he can improve Tottenham both on and off the pitch,He is still an outstanding player.”

“Bell also had a highlight moment in Real Madrid before,obviously,He also performed very well in the Welsh national team.But the degree of physical confrontation in the Premier League is different from that in La Liga.”

“Can Bell adapt to the intensity of the Premier League?I do not know,I am skeptical.”

On Aubameyang’s previous contract extension with Arsenal

“I always say that,Aubameyang will renew his contract with Arsenal,I know Arteta is a very good head coach,When he wants to do something,He will be firm,Just like Guardiola.”

“If Aubameyang made up his mind to leave Arsenal before,I don’t think Arteta would let Aubameyang play in the Community Shield and the first round of the Premier League before.”

“For Arsenal,Renewing Aubameyang’s contract is great,Because he can score goals for the team,And he is also the leader of the team’s locker room,He is the true core player of the club.”