September 20th Manchester United lost to Crystal Palace 1-3,After the game,Neville talked about his views on Manchester United in Sky Sports.Neville said,Compared to signing Sancho,Manchester United’s current priority should be to sign a fast-moving central defender with strong one-on-one defensive ability.Because Lindlov and Maguire are too slow.Neville also believes that Manchester United need to sign a left-back and a forward to compete for the title.

Neville mentioned:“Manchester United’s defense is now under tremendous pressure,We can still talk about whether Manchester United can sign Sancho.”

“But I think Manchester United’s current priority should be to bring in a central defender,If Manchester United continue to use the centre-back combination of Maguire and Lindlov,Then they will certainly not be able to compete for the Premier League championship.”

“Manchester United need to introduce a fast moving person,A central defender with strong one-on-one defensive ability,you can see,A good team always has a defender who moves fast and has strong one-on-one defensive capabilities.”

“Old Trafford is a big stadium,When Manchester United’s full-back rushed towards the opposing half,Only the central defender is left on the team’s defense.At that time, the central defender had to face one-on-one defense.”

“Manchester United has always had an excellent central defender combination before,And has always had a fast-moving central defender,Whether it’s Ferdinand, Stam or Gary Parrister.”

“They are fast,Can make up for it in time,Eliminate the threat,But Lindlov and Maguire are not such players.”

“Manchester United needs to bring in a central defender, a left back and a forward,If you can’t,Manchester United cannot narrow the gap between them and Liverpool and Manchester City.”

“Chelsea has already started action before,Liverpool is also signing,These teams have become stronger than before.”

“I think Manchester United’s transfer operation this summer did not meet the fans’ expectations of them.Manchester United always seems unable to complete the signings quickly and effectively.”

Liverpool star Souness also talked about Manchester United in an interview with Sky Sports.He said:“If Liverpool can continue the good form of the previous two seasons,If Manchester City can once again show a dominant performance,Then Manchester United will not have any chance to compete for the title.”

“Can Van der Beek make Manchester United from a top three team into a championship team?I do not think so,Liverpool is stronger than a year ago,So they are still the favorites of the Premier League champions this season.”

“to be frank,Compared to Manchester United,I am more optimistic that Chelsea will make greater progress.”