September 24 News Hoddle previously accepted an interview with Gary Newbon Sport,He said in an interview,Tottenham now needs to show off their previous efforts by winning the championship trophy.He believes that Kane, Sun Xingmin and Bell’s goal are to win the championship with Tottenham.Hoddle also stated,If Mourinho takes Tottenham to win the FA Cup and the Europa League,Tottenham fans will carry Mourinho around the stadium.

Hoddle mentioned:“I think if Spurs want to keep Kane after this season,They need to win the championship trophy this season.”

“to be frank,One of the goals of Bale returning to Tottenham is to win the championship.And Sun Xingyun definitely wants to win the championship trophy with Tottenham.”

“In the past 4-5 years,Many players in the Tottenham team have worked hard.They helped the team reach the Champions League final,But Tottenham did not win any championships.”

“Yes,Tottenham have invested a lot in various aspects in the past few years.But now they have not won any championships to show off their previous work,I think this season will be the season that determines the success or failure of Tottenham.”

It was previously reported thatKane may leave Tottenham,Hoddle also talked about Mourinho,He said he still supports Mourinho now,Hoddle said:“I hope Mourinho can continue his magic,I hope he will lead Tottenham to the championship.”

“Some people might say:‘Mourinho did not do well at Manchester United before,He can’t coach Tottenham.’,But you have to know,Mourinho also led the team to win two championship trophies while coaching at Manchester United.”

“If Mourinho leads Tottenham to the FA Cup and the Europa League,I think Tottenham fans are even willing to carry Mourinho around the stadium.”

Hoddle also talked about Ali’s future at Tottenham,He said:“Ali was the first Tottenham to admit that he did not try his best in the game.The player with the strongest strength.”

“I think Mourinho also knows that Ali is a scoring machine,When Ali found the best condition,He can help Tottenham,There is no doubt about this,Ali is still very young,I think he still has a chance to get his best shape.”

“I hope Ali will not give up on himself,He needs to keep working hard,Improve his own abilities,As long as he does this,I believe he will be able to get a starting spot again.”