September 22 News 03:15 on September 22, Beijing time,The second round of the Premier League continues,The Wolves played Manchester City at home.In the first half,De Bruyne made points and scored the penalty,Foden then made another victory for the team; in the second half,Jimenez scored a header to get a city back.Jesus scored a goal to seal the victory.After the whole battle,Manchester City 3-1 Wolves.

In the 12th minute of the opening,Manchester City got the chance of a free kick in the front court,De Bruyne took a free kick and was saved by the goalkeeper.

At the 18th minute,De Blau was shoveled to the ground by Seth in the penalty area,The referee decisively awarded a penalty kick,Then De Bruyne personally took the penalty,Trick the goalkeeper to hit the ball to the right of the goal into the net!Manchester City 1-0 Wolves!

30 minutes,Sterling’s shot from a small angle on the left side of the penalty area was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

On the 32nd minute,De Bruyne thrust into Sterling on the left side of the penalty area,Sterling got the ball across the middle,Foden scored with a push!Manchester City 2-0 Wolves!

43 minutes,Jesus header ferry,De Blau inserted the ball and broke into the penalty area.Facing the goalkeeper, he hit the door with his left foot and was saved.

After halftime,Manchester City 2-0 Wolves.

Yi side played again in the 53rd minute,Manchester City launched a counterattack,De Bruyne slung the ball,Jesus hit the goal with his left foot in the penalty area and was confiscated by the goalkeeper.

54 minutes,Traore knocked the ball across the goal,Podense turned around and missed the goal.

59 minutes,Traore thrust straight forward,Podense gets the ball forward,The goalkeeper who faced the attack missed the shot with his right foot.

60 minutes,Traore swept across the goal.Jimenez missed the shot.

In the 63rd minute,After Fernandinho broke through a few people, he missed the goal from a small angle.

78 minutes,Podense passed through De Bruyne on the right, kicked and crossed.Jimenez shook his head in front of the goal and hit the ball straight into the net!Wolves 1-2 Manchester City!

95 minutes,Mendy throws a touchline ball.Jesus got the ball from the left and broke into the penalty area.Volley with his right foot!Manchester City 3-1 Wolves!

After the whole battle,Manchester City 3-1 Wolves.

Player rating:

In terms of scoring,De Bruyne, who passed and shot, scored 9.A score of 1 gets the highest score in the game,Gesus Foden followed closely behind.


Manchester City (4-2-3-1): 31-Edson, 2-Walker, 5-Stones, 6-Aker, 22-Mendi, 25-Fernandinho, 16-Rodri, 17- De Bruyne, 47- Foden, 7- Sterling (81’Ferran Torres), 9-Jesus

Wolves (5-3-2): 11-Patricio; 16-Cody, 27-Seth, 15-Boli; 37-Traore, 5-Mazar (8’Vinagre), 8-Neves, 28- Moutinho (78’Dendon Kerr), 7-Neto (78’Fabio Silva), 10-Pordense, 9-Jiménez