September 15 News 3:15 am on September 15th, Beijing time,The first round of the Premier League continues,Brighton vs. Chelsea.In the first half,Werner scored Jorginho’s goal; in the second half,Trozal scored and pulled back a city,Then James scored again to take the lead.Zuma then broke through and made another move.After the whole battle,Chelsea 3-1 Brighton.

In the 14th minute of the opening,Brighton took a corner kick from the right side of the front court,Caused chaos in the restricted area.

In the 21st minute,The goalkeeper Ryan who was attacked in Werner’s penalty area tripped to the ground.The referee points to the penalty spot,Then Jorginho took a penalty kick,Jumped and tricked the goalkeeper to hit the goal left!Chelsea 1-0 Brighton!

At the 34th minute,A cold shot from the periphery of Alzate was saved by Kepa.

43 minutes,Lallana was injured accidentally on the court,Unable to persist in the game and then replaced by Connolly.

After halftime,Chelsea 1-0 Brighton.

Yi side played another 47 minutes,Lampert broke into the penalty area on the right,A small angle shot was blocked by Zuma.

54 minutes,Lampert passed back to Trozal behind him,After a slight adjustment, Trozal scored with a left foot volley!Brighton 1-1 Chelsea!

57 minutes,James midfielder got the ball forward,A cold shot with his right foot hit the dead corner of the goal and scored,Score a goal quickly and return to color!Chelsea 2-1 Brighton!

65 minutes,Chelsea opened the right corner of the front court to the penalty area.Zuma shot in the middle of the penalty zone and hit Webster to reflect into the net!Chelsea 3-1 Brighton!

89 minutes,Kanter crosses the middle of the restricted area near the left bottom line,Mount grabbed a point and raised his leg too high and was called a foul.

After the whole battle,Chelsea 3-1 Brighton.

Player rating:

In terms of scoring,James took 8.A score of 9 gets the highest score in the game,Zuma and Jorginho are close behind; in Brighton,Lampert, who sent out the assists, won the team’s highest score.


Brighton (3-5-2): 1- Ryan, 2- Lampert, 3- White (79’Gross), 4-Webster, 5- Dunk, 20- March, 14- Lallana (45’Connolly), 8-Bissoma, 17-Alzart (79’Jahanbashi), 11-Trosal, 7-Mope

Chelsea (4-4-2): 1- Kepa, 24-James, 4-Christensen, 15-Zuma, 3- Alonso, 5-Jorginho (85’Aspilicueta), 7-Canter, 19-Mount, 12-Cheek (61’Barkley), 29-Hoverts (80’Odoi), 11-Werner