September 23 News Manchester United defeated Luton 3-0 in the previous League Cup.After the game,Ighalo accepted an interview on the club’s official website.Ighalo said,This victory can make Manchester United more confident,They will continue their outstanding performance into the subsequent game against Brighton.Ighalo also said,Dean Henderson did a great job,It is because of Henderson,They will be able to fully engage in the offense.

Ighalo mentioned:“This is a very difficult game,We knew from the beginning that the opponent was very strong,I am very happy to win and advance to the next round of competition,This is the most important thing for us.”

“We didn’t perform well in the first game of the league before,And today’s victory can inspire us,Let us have a better performance in the league against Brighton.”

“Against Brighton this weekend,We must strive to win the first league win of the season.”

Manchester United had previously lost to Crystal Palace,And Ighalo believes that the team is constantly making progress,He said:“We are disappointed with the result of our previous loss to Crystal Palace,But before that game,We only have one week of preparation time.”

“And Crystal Palace has been preparing for about four weeks before playing against us,So we are lagging behind our opponents in preparation.”

“We won today,This is a promotion for us,When we play against Brighton this weekend,We will play more confidently.”

“you can see,As the season progresses,Every player in our team is improving,We are also constantly improving our focus on the game.”

“What we have to do now is to continue this state into the following games,We need to continue to progress and continue to win.”

Ighalo believed that Mata’s penalty kick was a turning point in the game.And he thinks Luton did a great job defensively,Ighalo said:“The opponent did a great job defensively,they know,If we get a chance,We will score a goal.”

“And their line of defense is very solid,But we eventually created an opportunity,And scored a goal.”

“I think that Mata’s penalty was a turning point in the game.before that,We have been trying to attack,But it has been unable to score goals.”

“Fortunately,Mata seized the opportunity,He opened the deadlock with a penalty kick,And that goal also made the team more confident.”

Dean Henderson made his Manchester United debut,And made a wonderful save,Ighalo also praised Henderson,He said:“Dean Henderson is a very good goalkeeper.He saved the team,Give the team the confidence to continue offensive.”

 “As the coach said,We must continue to score after we have taken the lead,Because a 1-0 score is never safe,And this is why we continue to attack our opponents during the game.”

“After Greenwood and Rashford came off the bench,We started to increase the speed,The opponent was already a bit tired at the time,Subsequently,Rashford and Greenwood scored goals.For winning and qualifying,We are very happy.”