September 23 News At 2:45 am, September 25, Beijing time,Liverpool will face Lincoln City in the League Cup.Before the game,Liverpool assistant coach Lindes attended the press conference,He said at the press conference,Thiago can improve the passing level of the team.And Ruota can reach the level of the trident in the frontcourt technically,They are similar in some ways.Lindos also said,Liverpool want to win the League Cup this season.

Lindos mentioned:“A good team needs to bring in good players,And we in Liverpool deserve good players,Thiago can take us one step further,He is the player we need.”

“The other teams in the Premier League have strengthened the lineup.So we have to improve our own strength,The other teams now know our tactics better.”

“They want to threaten Liverpool,And destroy some of our tactical arrangements in the game.”

“In general,We cannot let the opponent see through us,Each of our players can send the last pass,And we also need to improve the speed of short passes.”

“I think Thiago has brought something different to the team,That is the speed of the pass, the quality of the pass,After he came to the team,It’s harder for the opponent to predict our passing choice.Thiago can solve some of the problems the team encountered before.”

Lindes also talked about Jota, who joined the team before,He said:“At the technical level,If the tower can reach the level of Salah, Firmino and Mane,They are similar in many places.”

“Ruota’s skills are also great,We will have further exchanges with him later,Then make further plans.”

“Jota is a great signing for the team,We all hoped that the team could sign him,And we did it.”

When talking about the lineup that the team will line up against Lincoln City,Lindos said:“Our players all want to take responsibility,They want to show the team’s desire to win.”

“In the past two years or even longer,We at Liverpool see the next game as the final.”

“Our thinking has always been like this,So we will prepare for the game against Lincoln City as we did before for the game against Chelsea.”

“We are now fully prepared,And we also know that Lincoln City is a very good team,They did a great job of setting the ball,Their players are very fast,The technology is also very good.The cooperation between Lincoln City players is great,They are very flexible.”

“The head coach of Lincoln City is also very good.They have also achieved good results in the past four years,Complete the upgrade twice,So we must treat the next game well,Our squad arrangement will reflect the importance we place on the next game.”

Lindos said,Liverpool want to win the League Cup this season,In response, he said:“We want to fight for the League Cup this season,Definitely,Our current desire to win is very strong.”

“So we will have a great lineup,We will let some top players in the team play,Some talented young players will also be sent.”

“I think there are many outstanding young players in our team now,They are all important members of the team,We want to be more aggressive in the game,This is what we will do when we play against Lincoln City.”

“I don’t want to make the team’s roster now,Because we will have another training later,We need to look at the specific performance of the players in training.”

“We will observe the performance of each player in training,We hope that the players can maintain their best condition,Definitely,And it is difficult for me to make a list of matches.”

Henderson suffered a minor muscle injury in the previous game against Chelsea.And Lindes also talked about the injuries of the players in the team,He said that Gomez, Henderson and Matip will not play in the League Cup game against Lincoln City.He said:“For Gomez,It’s too early to participate in the League Cup.”

“Gomez will train with the team on Friday,to be frank,This is good news for us.”

“Matip may have to wait until the international game day to come back.He needs a longer rest period,As for Henderson,It is too early for him to participate in the League Cup now.”

“We hope Henderson can catch up with next week’s game,I hope he can represent the team against Arsenal.”