September 24 News Earlier,In an interview, Berbatov talked about Manchester United’s performance in the first round.

He said:“If we only look at the first game,Manchester United is clearly far behind other top teams in the league.So I hope this state will end soon.”

“If this becomes the norm,So this season will be very long for Manchester United fans.I and others have high expectations for Manchester United this season.They need a central defender,Perhaps further signings are needed to enhance competitiveness.”

“To know,If the Crystal Palace can enter you 3,You are in trouble.Like i said,If we only watch this game,Manchester United need to buy a whole new lineup!but,We also cannot overreact to a game.”

“There are less than two weeks before the transfer window closes,Can play more games to determine what they need during this time,But it is not easy.”

“And now,Signing players is actually very difficult.Maybe the players don’t want to come either,It’s hard to say,But they must strengthen their defense.”

“In addition,They need someone who can fight alongside Maguire,LookSee how impressive he was when he first came,He is now the captain.Manchester United needs players who are as fast as Vidic.”