September 10 News Manchester United coach Solskjaer said,Since a Europa League match in 2015,He has been paying attention to Van der Beck.

Solskjaer was the coach of Molde club at the time.At that time he led the team to meet with Ajax.In the game,Van der Beek scored the first goal of his career.The two sides finally drew 1-1.

So Shuai said,Van der Beck’s performance at that time left a deep impression on him.He said:“Van der Beek’s first goal was scored in the 2015 Europa League against our Molde team.We drew 1-1 with Ajax in the away game.He scored a wonderful header.”

In fact,His head also hit my central defender,So he is brave.I like his infectious attitude.I talked to Van der Sar and other players who knew him,You will get to know him through people you know and trust.”

“When a player breaks your goal,You will always remember.I remember it was a pass,Van der Beck smashed my central defender,The header bypassed our goalkeeper,They scored at the beginning of the game.”

When talking about this contract,Suo Shuai added:“When we sign the B fee,We know we need players like this.Now we sign Van der Beck,I think he is also the type of player we need.He is the kind of person who can adapt to the team and the culture,In the next season and the next few years,He can improve us.”

He is an all-rounder,A very smart player,He is energetic and passionate,Always improving.He can score,And we need midfielders to contribute goals,Similarly we need goals from the whole team,Because we didn’t score enough to challenge the championship last season.”

Van der Beek can see the space on the court,And can appear at the right time,The timing of his move is excellent.