News on October 2 The well-known Italian transfer reporter Romano accepted an interview with Manchester United’s self-media platform utdreport.Talked about many player transfer issues related to Manchester United.

October 5 is the deadline for summer window transfers in recent years.But so far Manchester United has only signed Van der Beek.The rumors about Sancho continue,Telis’ transfer progress is still in progress,Manchester United also had transfer rumors with Cavani, Jovic and other players.

-Starting from the sale of players,Do you feel that Manchester United’s attitude has changed when selling unwanted players this summer?In the past, the club seemed willing to sell players at a low price.But this summer, Manchester United seemed to insist on their valuation of players.

Romano: Yes,To be sure, Manchester United is changing their attitude,They want their own prices,So they would say‘If you pay,Then you can take the player away.If you don’t do this,The players will stay.’.I think this is good,At different times,Players like Smalling can leave the club on loan in June or July.And now Manchester United will get the money they want in the last few days,This is why I think this is a good way for Manchester United to negotiate.The club’s attitude towards players who are about to leave the club will change.When Rome submitted their new offer,I hope Smalling can leave as an official transfer,Smalling is likely to return to Rome.Dalot is the same,Rome and AC Milan hope to rent him,But Manchester United hopes to let the players leave in a permanent transfer.This is the new attitude of the club.

Smalling and Dalot

-Roma and Manchester United have been negotiating for a long time on Smalling,The two sides are expected to reach an agreement.Can we expect other Manchester United players to transfer to Serie A?We know that Rome and AC Milan are interested in Dalot,But is it possible for the two clubs to reach an agreement with Manchester United on the permanent transfer of their players?

Romano: AC Milan provided Dalot with a lease contract with purchase options.Dalot wants to join an Italian team,So players can accept a transfer to Serie A.In addition,Everton is interested in him,But Manchester United refused.Because Manchester United wants a permanent contract.Roma’s plan is to match Manchester United’s asking price for Smalling,About 20 million euros or less.But they also want to rent Dalot or Mensa,Roma are negotiating with Manchester United on Smalling and Dalot.It’s hard to see Dalot as part of Smalling’s transfer,Because Manchester United only wants to get a transfer fee,Let’s see how they decide on this next.


-Let’s focus on the next player who is less likely to leave the team than ever——Pogba.last summer,You reported that Juventus sees him as the number one target,But due to the financial constraints caused by the new crown epidemic,Any transfers seem to have been put on hold.Is it possible for Pogba to terminate the contract,Free transfer again,Or does he really see his long-term future at Manchester United?

Romano:I am sure that in the absence of an epidemic,Juventus will try to bring Pogba back to Juventus this summer.They like Pogba,I believe he will be the best candidate for Juventus midfielder.Now under the influence of the epidemic,This is impossible for Juventus,They paid 100 million to 1 for Pogba.A 200 million euro transfer fee is also impossible.

Pogba is currently satisfied with Manchester United,In the next few weeks we will see how the player agent Raiola and his contract are going,They will make a decision in the next few weeks.They said‘Keep quiet during the transfer window,A decision will be made later.’Pogba focuses on the stadium,Rather than transfers and contracts.Raiola will focus on player contracts later,Instead of now,This is their decision,Because Raiola is busy with many other transactions and so on.I currently think Pogba is very happy at Manchester United,Definitely.


-The front view of Manchester United signing Teles at a low price,Porto insisted on asking about 20 million euros.After selling Smalling to Rome,Will this transfer continue?

Romano: I think Manchester United’s position is very clear.They said they would not pay 20 million euros to 25 million euros for Teles,in caseIt is normal for Manchester United to waive him from a visa next season.Manchester United intends to sign him at a lower price.The team has another option at the left back position of the team,So Manchester United is considering what to do in the next few days.They are still negotiating Teles with Porto,They have reached an agreement with the players,Negotiations are still ongoing.Before the transfer deadline,Manchester United will work hard to sign a new left-back,The Porto Club is not satisfied with the additional terms in the offer provided by Manchester United.Porto wants Manchester United to pay in advance,This is Porto’s attitude,The players hope to join Manchester United.

Cavani and Jovic rumors, Manchester United central defender signings

-According to the report,Free agent Cavani and Real Madrid forward Jovic have been recommended to Manchester United,How likely is the club to introduce one of the players?You mentioned earlier Manchester United’s interest in central defenders.Are there any relevant players?

Romano: There is no goal in the center back position,At present, Manchester United’s attention is focused on the left back and forward positions.Of course there are wingers.Manchester United is considering different transfers,Is it possible to find a central defender?But not sure.

I think Jovic may stay at Real Madrid,Because they are considering selling Mayoral.Jovic was recommended to many clubs——Rome, Milan, Manchester United and Bundesliga clubs,I think Manchester United will not regard him as the first choice.Cavani was also recommended to Manchester United,But he wants a long-term contract and a good salary.Manchester United is considering other candidates,More than 100 players are recommended every month,So these rumors are normal.


-Sancho was sick,Not selected for the German Super Cup list between Dortmund and Bayern this week,All summer you said Manchester United would pay 1.200 million can take away Sancho,Otherwise it is useless.Now we have entered the last week of the transfer window,Will this change the status quo?The extent of this transfer depends on whether Dortmund has enough time to sign a replacement player.Or will they sell players regardless of Manchester United’s bid?

Romano: This is why Dort said he believed Sancho would stay.Dort confirmed that Sancho will not leave the team.They want 1.200 million euros or no transfer,They have maintained this attitude for three months,This is the decision of the Dortmund club.Currently Manchester United will not bid 1.200 million euros,Manchester United has been considering re-quoting for two months,But no success,The attitude of the players has always been the same‘I am very happy to stay in Dort,I want to join Manchester United.’Obviously Sancho wants to transfer,But this is not only for himself,Dortmund also has a list of substitute players.But obviously,As the time goes,This transfer has become very, very difficult.

Dortmund’s insistence on using an intermediary to negotiate in this transfer caused trouble to Manchester United.Do you know why they insisted on this approach instead of direct negotiations between the two clubs?

Romano: This is part of football,Other clubs also have this method,Not just Manchester United,Other top clubs have middlemen,So I think this is not the problem.In today’s transfer market,Transfers are part of football,ManLian is planning to bid 1.After 200 million euros, they are very close to signing Sancho.But later it was 90 million euros + additional terms and installments, etc.Manchester United’s offer has dropped.Manchester United is convinced that Dortmund will accept such an offer in this summer window,Really confident.They first reached an agreement with the players,Then Dort always said 1.200 million euros,Otherwise avoid talking,This is the case.

Dort said on August 10“deadline”After that,Sancho will not be sold,But they still negotiate through intermediaries,And revealed to take out 1.200 million transfer fee or the player would not leave.In this season, fans still cannot guarantee their return to the stadium,Does Dortmund have a secret way to obtain assets to cash out?

Romano: I think there is really no secret,Every player in the world has a price,You must respect Dort,Because their attitude has always been the same.I don’t think they want to sell Sancho,They want to wait,Because they are sure that next summer,It’s not just Manchester United.Other clubs want Sancho too.Manchester United reached an agreement with the players,This leads in the battle for Sancho,So in the future,Next summer or the winter window of next January,Anything can happen.

We will see clubs like Liverpool and La Liga clubs joining the competition.Dort hopes to exceed 1.Sancho was sold for 200 million euros,Because Dort believes he is one of the best young players in the world.Dortmund is a typical German club,Stick to your attitude.But if you take the transfer between Chelsea and Leverkusen about Haverts as an example,The situation is different,Because Dortmund is participating in the Champions League,Their situation is different,Chelsea and Leverkusen are in the Champions League and the Europa League.