News on October 6 Former Liverpool star Collymore recently published an article in the “Daily Mirror” column,He stated in the article,Compared with the previous top defenders in the Premier League,The current guard cannot make adjustments in time after the team loses the ball.Collymore also said,Van Dijk is still a world-class star,But even Van Dijk,He also failed to react appropriately after the team lost consecutive goals.At last,Collymore also said he was disappointed with Maguire.

Collymore mentioned:“I think the defensive art of football is dead,If you want to find the best evidence,Then it was the disastrous defeats of Liverpool and Manchester United on Sunday.”

“Especially Liverpool,I really didn’t expect Liverpool to suffer such a tragic defeat.Liverpool had previously won the Champions League, the Club World Cup and the Premier League.”

“What worries me most is,Liverpool even lost the desire to win in the game against Aston Villa.Liverpool’s defense was beaten by Aston Villa,The Villa striker can easily break through Liverpool’s defense.”

“When I watched Van Dijk and Joe Gomez’s performance against Aston Villa,After watching Maguire and Bayi’s performance against Tottenham,I am really disappointed with them.”

“The former top defenders of the Premier League will never make such mistakes.When Ferdinand, Terry, Stam, Steve Bruce, Gary Parrister, Alan Hansen and Mark Laurenson were at their peak,They will not let their team lose with such a big score.”

“There are also Sol Campbell, Tony Adams, Martin Keown, Steve Bald and Stewart Pins,There used to be so many top defenders in the Premier League.The only goal of these guards was to help the team complete the zero cover.”

“of course,I’m not saying that Van Dijk is not a top guard.Because we all know,Van Dyke is a world-class star.”

“But what bothers me now is,Van Dijk, the Liverpool defender, and the Manchester United defender did not seem to want to take responsibility during the game.”

“If it’s Hansen and Lawrence, or Parrister and Bruce,They will never give up defense easily during the game.Even after being scored by an opponent,They will also find other ways to stop their opponents.”

“But the current defender does not seem to want to change after losing the ball.Both the players and the coach seem to want to wait until the intermission before making changes.”

“The coach doesn’t seem to want to change his tactics.Even when the tactics don’t work,Coaches will think:‘This is how we play.’”

“to be frank,I don’t want to see this situation,In 1996,This happened in Newcastle led by Kevin Keegan.Newcastle surrendered in the championship game.At the time, everyone said Keegan was a naive head coach.”

“in my opinion,Liverpool did so badly against Aston Villa.They did a poor job defensively.”

“Whether it’s me, Alan Shearer, Andy Cole, Les Ferdinand, Ian Wright,Or any of the top forwards of our time,We were able to complete a hat-trick against Liverpool like that.”

“As for Manchester United,I think Maguire did behave too badly,to be frank,He did a poor job defending free kicks.A U11 player knows what to do,But Maguire did not respond appropriately.”

“Maguire is also the starting central defender in England,He gave Kane at least five yards at the time,And let Sun Xingmin complete the kick.”

“Many people are saying,More and more goals are scored in modern football matches,That’s because the forwards are getting better and better,However, I do not agree with this statement,I think football is about offensive and defensive balance.”

“A top team should do well in the frontcourt, midfield and backcourt.If the current defender does not learn how to defend properly,Then the art of defense will be lost forever.”