Ginkgo: Very good for the elderly.According to modern medical research,Ginkgo also has the functions of dredging blood vessels, improving brain function, delaying senile brain aging, enhancing memory ability, treating Alzheimer’s disease and cerebral ischemia.

Most women think massage is a girl’s leisure activity.Massage is an important way for many ladies to take care of.In fact, massage for men is also very popular.So what’s the coincidence that massage is relative to men?What are the advantages of men’s massage?Come and see by yourself!What’s the better song that KTV sings? The little girl under the street lamp The girl with small eyes The little girl fishing in the sea Sexy dancing little girl picking mushrooms

Autumn has come,The temperature difference between morning and evening is relatively large,Many babies have cough symptoms.If you don’t give your baby a quick cough,It can easily become a cold,Then it will be worse for your baby.Nowadays,Bian Xiao introduced a dish to treat babies’ coughs.That is Sydney lotus root juice,Very suitable for babies to drink in autumn.

I can rub my face when I’m tired,Not only can make the face comfortable,The other relieved eye fatigue,Let those who love beauty suddenly feel relaxed and happy.Another rubbing of the face can make the skin nerves and facial muscles provide Zhuang Li,I can’t reduce myopia and have facial neuritis,Improved the resistance of beauty lovers,In order to avoid the probability of wind chill.Try to rub your face as hard as possible once,Rub it every second,Rub it 3~5 times a day,When you first get up, rub your face for 5 minutes.Let the heat on the surface cease,The rubbing method must not be heavy when rubbing your face with dry skin.Another good control of intensity,Avoid strengthening the formation of scars.These are good,But if you sit quietly for a long time,These unused small bags will remain useless.And when a bag is not used for a long time,It will collapse on its own.When the small bags called alveoli that fill the lungs collapse,They can no longer be used to move gas in and out of the blood,This is very bad.

?Core reminder: The health of middle-aged and elderly people is an obstacle.Their bodies are very fragile at this time,Because middle age is at the junction of youth and old age.As long as the medical care of middle-aged people is properly handled,Health care for the elderly,Especially the medical care of male friends is even more important.Then,What are the health taboos for middle-aged people?Let’s see

Due to the volatile nature of essential oils,The aromatic molecules of essential oils diffuse into the gas absolutely quickly,As the breath joins the body,So just by inhaling the smell of essential oils, you can feel the effects of essential oils.Some aromatic molecules in essential oils,Absolutely hurt the brain and promote the release of natural male hormones required by the human body,The effect of being inspired and uplifting,Help us to relax the pain of the body, the pressure in life and the stronger mentality.The effect caused by the dissolution of pigment in the deep subcutaneous tissue of the molecular structure of the single essential oilSpeeds up the basic metabolism of the skin,Harmful substances are discharged and flashed from below, above all else,In terms of visual effects, spots or dark circles under the eyes are more need to worry,Can be used again with peace of mind,After about 5-seven days, it is improved,And restore skin color as soon as possible.

Although the heart and brain have developed very complex,But fetal bone marrow has not yet formed,Still rely on the liver to produce red blood cells,This state will continue until the bone marrow matures.this weekend,The placenta and umbilical cord will gradually form,Through skin as thin as paper,We can clearly see the blood vessels of the fetus.

Some friends think that the pain is strong when doing foot bath and health massage.In fact, this is a slight reaction of our body function,If you really can’t stand it, you can let the masseur use lighter strength,Because everyone’s pain is different

The Neiting Point is at the joint depression of the second and third metatarsals of the instep,Regular massage has the effect of deodorizing and curing tooth pain.The detailed method is to use the thumb of the thumb,Quietly hold the inner court acupoint for one minute,Then come to rub,It’s OK to feel soreness all the time,Every morning from 7 am to 9 am,It’s the most vigorous time of the stomach meridian,Massage works better during this time period,After the massage, move your toes up and down quietly,This will make the inner court acupuncture better,Go to the stomach fire.