Compared with the body, the body of the fast basic person in the bodyHowever, the body shape is relatively slim.Fat people are usually slower than basic generations,So many people are worried about the slowness of the base.How can we improve the basic generation in the body?Frequent massage can promote the base!If you need to promote excessive fat metabolism,It is recommended to buy a lower temperature sauna,This sauna kills two birds with one stone,Not only can it promote the primary generation, it can also promote excessive fat metabolism!

I don’t know when the dishes of the post-90s are separated and focused on health preservation.Holding the latest thermos cup,There are wolfberries in the cup,When the season changed, I consciously put on long trousers. Now,Cai Cai massages these nine acupoints every day, listening to the words of the old Chinese doctor.I feel healthierDrink 8 glasses of water a day (a cup of 250 ml to 300 ml,A small bottle of mineral water (350ml) is a recognized health point of view.If the elderly do not drink water often,Prone to blood viscosity and hyperlipidemia,Eventually lead to a series of diseases such as high blood pressure.

The simple essential oils with a moderate volatile rate are: chamomile, geranium, juniper, lavender, tassel tree, rose, rosemary.Wait.80% of this single essential oil can harm basic metabolism and physiological functions,The aroma can generally last for two to three days.

Often massage part of the glans,Can improve some blood circulation,Receive a lot of blood for the genitals,Can enhance the function of genitals to synthesize male hormones,Promoting ability.Use your fingers to twist and pinch the testicles,Can improve the solubility of testicular nerves and blood vessels,Make one in the morning and evening all day long.At the same time, tossing and pinching the testicles before each sexual intercourse is absolutely a good condition of proactive love.The 25-year-old Xiqian (pen name) comes from the countryside of Jiangsu and Zhejiang.Because of my husband’s long-term employment abroad,She also rushed to Nanjing with her husband in September of last year.And find a job as a hotel waiter.At 9 o’clock on the night of December 16 last year,Cici finished her work day,Holding his tired body, hurriedly walked on the way home.When cycling to the entrance of a shopping mall on Moling Road,When Ge happened to pull the door and get out of the car,The passing Cici knocked to the ground severely.Cici stood up and saw that Ge did not apologize a little bit.Angrily cursed a swear word.Ge suddenly became angry.Raising a fist and hitting Cici was a severe beating.Ge’s pot friend Liang quickly pulled Ge in this scene,And urge Cici to leave quickly.Ge, regardless of Liang’s persuasion, added behind Cici.

First of all,medical treatement.Through some combination of Chinese herbal medicine and oral administration,Can effectively unclog the patient’s blood vessels,Speed up the patient’s gloomy metabolism rate,Reduce the internal heat of the patient,Reduce brain pressure.

therefore,Infidelity has nothing to do with sex,And it’s more about the mind,Is a misguided pursuit,The purpose is to satisfy the needs of a relationship.But the problem is,Some people will choose to meet their needs in the arms of another person,Instead of continuing their existing relationship.But most women are used to nagging ways to relieve stress.So men will feel suffocated, but they don’t want to cause conflicts between husband and wife because of trivial things.It’s not worth it,So most men will determine self-transformation.

It’s not easy to limit your brand image here,Girls who are bold enough to let go.If you think you have no problem,Just contact me.

3. Appropriate light diet: limit salt intake,The daily amount of salt should not exceed 6 grams.Because menopause is often prone to high blood pressure and arteriosclerosis,And salt contains a lot of sodium ions,Eating too much salt will increase the burden on the heart,And increase blood viscosity,Thereby increasing blood pressure.

Such people are often ill-tempered,Qi deficiency and blood deficiency,Usually accompanied by paleness,Dark complexion and so on.Be alert to the occurrence of gastric ulcers.Massage Sanyinjiao and Juliu to regulate endocrine,Promote blood circulation.