After the meridian,The organs of the human body, such as viscera, limbs, skin and flesh, muscles and veins, are connected into a whole,And with the help of luck, blood and nutrients,Make the functional activities of all parts of the human body adhere to harmony and relative balance.If the body’s meridians are blocked,The blood is not smooth,Not only can surface symptoms occur,Dysfunction of internal organs can also occur.Qigong training is closely related to meridians,For example, when we practice, we often feel numbness, heat, swelling, etc. in our hands and feet.Or feel a flow of heat moving along the meridian road,When practicing major or minor Sundays,There is often a sensation (perhaps called Deqi sensation) between Ren mai and Du mai.The above phenomenon clarifies that the qigong function is used to dredge the meridians,Adjust yin and yang,Harmony viscera function,It also regulates endocrine metabolism.Because the Qigong training can directly massage the digestive organs,Diaphragm activity increases up and down,The abdominal muscles are trained,This also contributes to the intention of abdomen slimming.In addition,The dynamic combination of qigong,Practicing the physiological functions of internal organs,Exercise the physical appearance,The so-called nourishing qi and nourishing shape,Concentrate,”Refining one O Qi inside,Refining muscles and bones”,It is also the theoretical basis of qigong bodybuilding and slimming.

Specific method: push on time,Rubbing hands produces heat,Press tightly behind the waist,Pause for a while,And rub down hard to the tail part (Changqiang point).Do 50-100 times when you just wake up,Do it in the morning and evening for a long time.After rubbing, both hands lightly buckle their thumbs inward,Push the back of the waist with the fist or the back of the fist,When you first get up, you can go up and down about a minute.(1) Sauna will make the body cells cheerful,Then the body is in a period of refreshment,Therefore, going to the sauna too late will make it difficult to fall asleep and rest.

During the physiological period,Women will feel swollen abdomen and backache,This is a normal phenomenon during menstruation,Does not affect normal work and study,Is not dysmenorrhea,No treatment is required.During menstruation,30% of women have obvious pain,Affect their normal work and life.Among these 30% of women,15% need treatment and intervention to live a normal life.

Modern medicine believes thatPhysical effects of massage methods,Make the effect area cause biophysical and biochemical changes,Partially arranged for a physiological reaction,This reaction,Through the conditioning of nerve reflexes and fluid circulation,On the one hand to be strengthened,On the other hand, it caused a secondary reaction of the whole,As a result, a series of pathophysiological changes occurred,Reach the therapeutic effect.Modern people attach great importance to feeling and maintaining their bodies.Massage spas are very popular now,Has multiple effects on individuals.Let’s get to know the effects of day and night massage spas together!Don’t waste your favorite classmates!

People with endocrine disorders: red spots on the face,Showing tongue rash, thick tongue coating-the body’s digestion and absorption imbalance, and the body’s detoxification are all normal and strong.

When people sleep,They also have the function of synthesizing new proteins.Most of the new proteins needed by the human body are synthesized during sleep.therefore,Sleep is essential to relieve fatigue and restore the body.There are many meridians in our body. These meridians will actually have a greater impact on our health. Only when the meridians do not block our body can we detoxify better.The meridians on the back are also part of the meridians compared to other parts of the back

A certain amount of strength is required during foot massage.Do not massage too lightly.When soreness occurs during massage,The force used at this time is more appropriate.other,Massage strength and rhythm should also be neat,Unsuitable times are light and heavy at different speeds.If the physique is stronger,You can add a little more strength; if it is a person with deficiency syndrome, severe illness,The strength can be appropriately slowed down.

The far-infrared emitted by tourmaline in a sauna can effectively develop the popularity value of somatic cells,That way, the circulation system of human tissue fluid can be promoted,Regarding the rate of excess heavy metals remaining in the human body and the accelerated excretion of harmful substances such as endotoxins out of the body,The immune function of all human bodies can be effectively improved.

People with damp-heat constitution are particularly prone to rhinitis, eczema, dermatitis and other inflammatory allergic diseases.It is recommended to eat more foods that clear away heat and promote dampness, promote qi and invigorate the spleen.Such as hawthorn, loofah, asparagus, radish, cress, lotus root, pear, radish, tomatoes and other fruits and vegetables.These foods not only supplement the vitamins needed by the human body,It also has the effect of clearing away heat and purging fire.