Rat hands are mostly wrist strains,Is a chronic strain caused by the nature of work,Or the sequelae of wrist injury caused by direct and indirect violence,It is one of the occupational diseases.Rat hands are mainly manifested by frequent pain in the wrist joints,Slightly worsening wrist pain,Even wrist swelling, restricted movement, joint weakness, joint bounce, local tenderness, etc.Massage the Yuji point has a very good therapeutic effect on the occupational disease “rat hand” caused by excessive use of electronic products.During massage,You can use the thumb of the other hand to push up and down near the Yuji point,You can also use the Yu Ji points of both hands to beat each other,Until the palm is hot.The frequency of massage depends on the physical condition,Usually 1-2 times a day,The time is controlled at about 10 minutes.

Men should go to the hospital regularly for testes, penis and prostate examinations.Maintain good daily habits,To go to bed early and get up early should quit smoking and drinking,Participate in more physical exercises to enhance physical fitness,You must not make your body too tired,Maintain self-confidence.Men with long foreskin or phimosis need to go to the hospital for circumcision.Arrange three meals a day reasonably,Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits,Eat more vegetarian foods containing tomato red,This is an antioxidant,Can care for the prostateIf the meridian of the whole body is dredged, this also depends on the physique.If the physique is relatively weak, it is best to do it once every half a month.If you are physically fit, it is better to do it once a week.After dredging the meridians of the whole body, pay attention to moxibustion.The effect will be better.

Sauna is a kind of leisure and entertainment method that is both fashionable and healthy.After sweating, the whole body releases stress and exhaustion.Therefore, many people who are anxious at work do this well.As everyone knows, doctors and experts warned that,Frequent going in and out of the sauna will become the chief culprit of infertility.In Finland, the origin of sauna,The incidence of infertility in young men is very high.This has nothing to do with the local people’s love of sauna.The temperature of the testicles of men with infertility caused by regular sauna is generally 3-4℃ lower than the body temperature of the human body.Only then can you produce sperm with a normal rate,Male sperm has stricter temperature regulations.It must be less than the body temperature of the human body to grow and develop normally.The temperature of the sauna is much higher than the body temperature.Unfavorable for the growth and development of male sperm,Or lead to too much lower sperm motility rate and cause infertility.Clinical medical statistical analysis,Infertility among young men is caused by the testicular temperature being higher than normal.Tip: For single males who have not had children,In addition to the sauna is not suitable for more washing,Other factors that can increase the temperature of the testicles must be minimized,Such as long-term cycling, taking a shower, sitting for a long time, wearing tight pants, etc.

But posture is not just a connection between women.We like missionary posture,Because it gives us face-to-face intuition.People like a pose,Because it makes us feel closer to our partner,And don’t like another posture,Because it makes us feel used to it.therefore,Many women do not need to change posture frequently.Women usually like one or two positions.It or they make us feel close, connected and loved.It not only reflects the feeling of love,It also reflects the need for integration.Countless trendy men don’t care about health care,And in fact, kneading the 3 areas of the body from time to time also has health benefits.Now let’s accompany the editor to understand it.Men rub these 3 areas more to be able to maintain health

“Sanqi” means 21 years old,Is a period of steady growth,Kidney qi balance,Development is basically completed,The psychology is also more peaceful.”Four Seven” means 28 years old,At this time, the physiological condition of women reached the peak state,The reproductive system and endocrine are the most harmonious stages,Strong bones,The energy is also more vigorous,In the previous two or three years, we should actively prepare for childbirth.The child’s innate endowment is better.Modern women in the two stages of “Three Seven” and “Four Seven”,I often yell about losing weight,It is easy to bring a variety of problems caused by irregular eating,Therefore, we must pay attention to diet and health,Pay attention to three meals on time, with meat and vegetables.

4.Some people do not have deep vision or farsightedness,Greed for convenience,Do not wear glasses everyday,But in the long run,Because of the constant improvement of the concentration of the eyes,The skin around the eyes is in a state of tension for a long time,So that blood circulation is affected,Causes various eye skin problems.After the child is 3-4 months old,Not only can you master the sucking skills well,And the contractile function of the heart has matured,The frequency of vomiting will also be significantly reduced.before that,We better help our child to hiccup after each feeding.

but,Fitness exercises are also different,Except for sports and sweating, beauty skin care, body detoxification, weight loss,It can also assist in the treatment of high blood pressure.Because high blood pressure is caused by the decrease of the inner diameter of the capillaries,A “hypertension” condition exhibited by the limited blood volume of an enterprise,And exercise just to expand the capillary tube,Speed up the blood circulation system,Coupled with the ductility of the vessel wall,Then it can reasonably reduce the working pressure of capillaries,Reduce the aspect ratio of the heart rate.

1. Eye vision: According to the design of the environment, decoration planning, item packaging, etc., to obtain the feeling of attracting eyes and vision.The creation of the situation, the loose configuration of the space,Almost all affect the eyesight and energy,Can make people shift their mood,Immerse yourself in a stress-free environment immediately,Comfortable.

Hegu Cave is also called Hukou,After the thumb and index finger are closed,Arch the highest part of the muscle.Hegu point has the effects of clearing away heat and relieving the surface, cold and still pain,For head and face diseases,It has a good relief and healing effect.Headache, fever, fire and toothache caused by wind-heat and cold,The medicine doesn’t take effect immediately,It can be relieved by pressing Hegu points with acupressure,The strength is appropriate to feel sore, numb, and swelling.If accompanied by fever,You can scrape the skin on the back of the neck with a porcelain spoon or pull the surrounding skin with your fingers.Until red and purple,Helps expel heat toxins,Fever subsides faster.