Look for it: the sea of air-in the belly,1.5 inches below the belly button,Also called the abdomen.Guan Yuan-3 inches below the belly button,4 points horizontally.Zhongwei Shutian.

Don’t delay eating time and energy casually,Otherwise it often induces gastrointestinal compression,Abdominal pain, severe hypotension, sore hands and feet trembling, dizziness,Even coma and shock.Hungry day and night without eatingEasily induce late blight, stomach disease, abnormal digestion and other symptoms.Endotoxin specifically refers to body waste that the human body must metabolize.In terms of experience in diagnosis and treatment,When applying single essential oils with pharmacological properties such as liver protection, choleretics, urination, cell regeneration, and basic metabolism (such as green lemon, savory, marjoram, geranium, permanent flower, carrot seeds),If this metabolic circuit is not smooth,It will be discharged from other pipelines.When the single essential oil enters your body soon,Detect endotoxin,They will immediately give full play to their role as combat escorts,Assist the body to excrete endotoxins out of the body,Then your reflection,It will become acne, how long will it take longer,And those who are not perfect will be Shu Shu,Areas that are not long will start a little bit smaller,If your body deposits more severely,There will also be black blood clots,Or some cases will have mild diarrhea,Actually it is in very good condition,It shows that your body has accepted a single essential oil,Just started to adjust.

Pinch the soles of the feet to promote blood circulation. The feet are called the “second heart” of the human body.Soak your feet with hot water every two or three days,Every half an hour,It can warm the meridians and dredge the collaterals and promote blood circulation.If you can add some Chinese medicine that helps the circulation of qi and blood in the foot bath,The effect will be better.Such as angelica, safflower, panax notoginseng,A small amount of Chuanqiong and Danshen are wrapped in gauze,*Into Chinese medicine package,Beijing Health Club tells you to soak in hot water in advance,After about half an hour, the effect will be infused,Then you can add some white wine or vinegar.People with insomnia,Special referrals.Use the big thenar (the protrusion between the thumb and wrist on the palm) of one palm to press the Yongquan point on the sole of the opposite foot.Has health effects,Can move hands and feet.

Green tea residue + chrysanthemum chrysanthemum chrysanthemum is best to choose chrysanthemum,Because chrysanthemum petals are long,Strong fragrance.The combination of the two can clear heat and improve eyesight.If people don’t get enough sleep,The eyes cannot rest fully,At this time, the eye circles will show blood vessel filling and congestion,Congestion that accumulates for a long time can lead to infinite circulation.Eyes because

10.For many years, the club has focused on creating new methods of contemporary high-end leisure and entertainment daily life.Introduce a lot of fresh ingredients,Seek development of service level,Get your look back with a mindset.

Specific method: When dry rubbing, hold the front of the left foot with your left hand.Rub up and down along the heel with your right hand several times,It can heat the heel; change the left hand to rub the heel of the right foot.The strength of rubbing is appropriate for the person.Drain your feet into a container of boiled water when rubbing wet,Soak until the feet become hot,Then rub in a dry rub.Some children don’t eat certain types of food,May be afraid of these foods.E.g,Some children don’t like fish,Because they are afraid of being stabbed by a fish while eating fish.at this time,Parents should find a way to remove fish bones before letting their children eat them.

Spa: If you want beauty and skin care,If you have a good skin,You need to clean and clean your skin,Only in this way can the skin care products work better on the skin,Play the purpose of beauty and health.Different skin types,At the time of cleaning,The method is also different,You have to choose carefully according to your skin type.

The Green Island sauna is a collection of showers.Leisure and entertainment,restaurant,A high-end Korean shower club with sauna, commercial and residential buildings.Located at 623 Yuncheng Road, Zhabei District, Shanghai,It is an intelligent integrated leisure and entertainment management system for business services.The store has a unique fire bath room with natural health and health rock salt bath.Floating to admire the casual restaurant,Simple and light cafe,restaurant,Children’s amusement park.Natural agate is used in the store,Amethyst,Jadeite salt,Loess layer,Wood carbon and other natural gem decoration design fire bath room,To relieve you from the fatigue of the day,Get the pressure of the mind and body.

When many people turn their attention and protection to women,What is invested in male friends is the more expectations and standards.The effect of this inspection indicates that the living conditions of male friends in daily life are not appreciable.There are 43.1% of male friends in daily life think that a lot of stress at work is no longer easy to bear.50.2% indicates that there is stress at work but can be received.