Material: Hard, small round grains with a smooth surface (most of them are Wang Bu Liuxing seeds,Available in pharmacies) and tape (cut into 0.6 cm size parts,spare).6cm×0.Method: Put the Wang Buliuxing seeds in the middle of the cut tape,Use a 75% alcohol swab to disinfect or scrub the auricle.

Modern scientific research has proved that: frequent massage of the scalp can affect the capillaries on the scalp,Make them expand and thicken,Strong blood circulation,Supply the brain with more nutrients and oxygen.The blood circulation of the scalp is improved,It is also conducive to the growth and development of hair,Avoid falling and whitening of hair,Older people often massage their scalp,Can prolong life.The Changqiang acupoint is under the top of the tailbone,At the midpoint between the top of the tailbone and the anus.Changqiang point belongs to the governor channel,It can treat hemorrhoids, prolapse of the anus, constipation, back pain and other diseases.Often massage the Changqiang point,Cooperative Chengshan point is more effective in treating hemorrhoids.

Core tip: Premature ejaculation is the most common ejaculation disorder.Ejaculation at the beginning of intercourse,Even before sex,Nor can you have a normal sex life.The incidence rate is 1/3 of adult males.The definition of premature ejaculation is still controversial.It is usually assessed by the frequency of male ejaculation or the frequency of female orgasm.Or men lose the ability to manipulate ejaculation during intercourse,Except that ejaculation before inserting the penis into the vagina is standard.With the increase in the number of male premature ejaculation patients,Many men are beginning to pay attention to male diseases.Premature ejaculation is the most common disease in men.In fact,Premature ejaculation is not an incurable disease.The key to treating premature ejaculation is people’s persistence,So as to stay away from illness

5 walnuts,Bergamot slices 6 grams,10 grams of Salvia.Fry the Danshen bergamot soup,Walnut kernels and sugar are mashed into puree,Add Danshen bergamot soup and mix well,Fry on low heat for 10 minutes,Ready to drink after cooling.E.g,Lying flat on the bed,Knee extension,Under non-weight bearing conditions,Raise straight legs.If there is no obvious painful reaction in the knee joint, Beijing Health Club AddressCan use waste clothes* into sandbags,Put it on the instep,* Straight leg weight lifting exercises.

Massage to lose weight is mainly to use certain massage techniques to stimulate the acupoints or positions of the human body.Experience the role of meridians,The adjustment of the internal organs,Cause nourishing qi and activating blood,The function of Shujin Huoluo Tongmai,Soften some fat cells,Promote the division of body fat,Heat pipe to dissipate heat,Then arrived the intention to lose weight.There are two types of body massage and partial massage.The former is suitable for slightly obese people,The latter is suitable for some groups with excessive body fat deposits.

Some people think that the longer the massage time,The better you can sort out the bladder meridian.This idea is actually wrong.Experts think,The massage time must not be too long.It is best to massage the same part for no more than 5 minutes,The body massage time is controlled within 50 minutes.Currently,Not many women sleep on their stomachs,Because this posture will compress the chest and affect breathing.For young women who are developing,This posture will also affect the development of the chest and breasts,So try to avoid it.

If the lady is accompanied by age,What happens if we don’t do a good job of moisturizing and hydrating?Dry skin will cause itchy and peeling face,I still feel tight after applying skin care products,At this time we need to carry out hydrating and moisturizing.

In order to promote the dietary collocation of children,Must be filled with ingredients to stimulate appetite.natural,There is no need to fill iron-containing drugs.Just take pure natural iron-containing foods with no side effects.Try to eat foods that contain more iron:

“It’s not a sin for men to cry.”Every third Sunday in June is Father’s Day.According to the survey,Among nearly 10,000 pure men in the workplace under investigation,There are more than 30% pure men who have weeped because of the pressure to find a job.Finding people to talk has become their most useful way to calm down pressure.