(2) Massage once a day,Every 30 times as a course of treatment.If the effect is not good,1 week interval,Then the second course of treatment.

Massage after exercise,Can promote the elimination of these phenomena,Accelerate the internal environment to reach a new balance,Accelerate the development of the ability to exercise load,Accelerate the preparation for the subsequent exercise load.The method of massage after exercise, the size of the force, the length of the time, etc.,All should be based on the physique, gender, and sports characteristics of the partner,In particular, it is required to make decisions based on the response after exercise (such as dizziness, vomiting, weakness of the limbs, severe muscles, insomnia, etc.).Need to adhere to the guidelines of individual treatment,Don’t be a thousand people.The method we generally use,There are stroking, kneading, pressing, shaking and shaking.The booming economy,The fast advance of the day,Various pressures in people’s lives also followed one after another,To decompress well,Maintain your body well

, Tactile: Let you feel the stratum corneum more lightly.Because of the current spa foot massage or push method,Use lymphatic guidance or muscle-collateral acupressure techniques to achieve relaxation.Gathering individuals from East and West to push the essence,Provide all the care for your body and mood.

however,In order to seek psychological comfort,Many friends always blindly spend a lot of money to buy various anti-wrinkle products,Such as products applied and consumed,But the effect seems to be invisible all the time.The wrinkles on the face are still deeper than each other.whyAfter doing beauty salon care,Activating facial cells can absorb 80%,Like watering flowers,Water often,I have to loosen the soil,This way it can be absorbed better,Therefore, home care and beauty salon care are inseparable. Facial massage is irreplaceable. People who want to lose weight are looking for it.

Once it goes underground,These queens will not eat for several weeks,Until they produced their own daughter worker ants.They use the energy stored in fat and excess flying muscle to lay their first eggs.These eggs are fertilized with sperm stored during the wedding flight.It is the same amount of sperm obtained from a long-dead male,So that the queen can finally produce eggs.The queen will never mate again.

Men should go to the hospital regularly for testes, penis and prostate examinations.Develop good living habits,To go to bed early and get up early, you should quit smoking and drinking.Participate in more physical exercises to enhance physical fitness,Don’t make your body too busy,Maintain an optimistic attitude.Men with long foreskin or phimosis need to go to the hospital for circumcision.Arrange three meals a day reasonably,Eat more fresh vegetables and fruits,Eat more vegetarian foods containing tomato red,This is an antioxidant,Can protect the prostateIf you need an alarm clock to wake up,You need to take a nap every day,You may fall asleep or doze off while reading or watching movies,This may indicate that your sleep quality is not high.

The second is not to make our heart, lungs and kidneys ischemic.You eat a lot at night,This blood ran into the stomach to help digest it,Then heart ischemia,Assuming he has a myocardial infarction,It simply happened and died suddenly.

Don’t eat some cold ingredients after sauna,Otherwise, let cool air invade the human body,This can cause discomfort in the digestive tract and fever, colds, etc.Drink more salt water or warm water,It can fill the water lost by the human body.

Not wearing washed cotton underwear will temporarily curb the transformation of male sperm.Polyester can generate an electrostatic field in the testicular factor,Can cause insufficient libido.It is best to choose mercerized cotton underwear,After all, the male testicular supply stays in low temperature conditions,Prevent interference with male sperm transformation in male testes,Interfere with fertility performance.Choose mercerized cotton underwear with holes,Expose the genitals,Can restore the natural compression function of the genitals,Enhance penetration of hormone levels,Ensuring energy,And can enhance libido.Men usually do not pay attention to body care,If you sit for a long time and don’t exercise regularly,Are all phenomena that cause the body’s immune system to become weak,Will lead to a certain aspect of chronic disease,If you often masturbate and then do not pay attention to personal hygiene,Health can also have an absolute impact,Once there is a swelling of the testicles and a significant increase in fluid accumulation,Reasonable diagnosis and treatment should be based on the actual condition.The condition can also be improved by surgical diagnosis and treatment