Season Card holders will start to receive voucher codes for match streaming today. Here’s our five-step process to ensure you’re ready to watch live as the season restarts against Swansea City on Saturday (12.30pm).

We’re urging supporters to take these steps as early as possible and get prepared well in advance.

It should only take a matter of minutes, and due to a large numbers of newcomers to our streaming service will help ensure a smooth process for everyone.

1. Receive A Voucher Code Via E-mail Or Mail

Season Card holders will receive a single voucher code which entitles them to watch all nine remaining games of the 2019/20 season, home and away, via Matchday LIVE.

Most supporters will receive this via the email address used to purchase their Season Card.

If we don’t have a valid email address for you, but we do for the supporter who purchased your Season Card, they will receive the voucher code on your behalf.

Remember to check your junk/spam folder, as emails can end up here depending on your email provider.

A small number of supporters who did not provide an email address when purchasing a Season Card will receive their code in the post.

The distribution process will begin today (Monday June 15) and supporters should receive their codes over the coming days.

Please allow until 12 noon Thursday June 18 for your voucher code to arrive before contacting support.

2. Set Up A Free MFC Digital Account

The MFC Digital Account is free to create, and many supporters will already have one. It allows fans to move seamlessly between the club’s main website, online retail and ticketing, and official App.

The MFC Digital Account is also essential to watch or listen to games via Matchday LIVE.

If you haven’t already, set up your MFC Digital Account here.

This is a quick and simple process requiring only a handful of details.

3. Visit And Log In

Our new, improved Matchday LIVE website is now available at

Once you have your MFC Digital Account set up, you can use this to sign in.

4. Redeem Your Season Card Voucher Or Buy A Match Pass

Once you are signed in at, follow the links to ‘Redeem A Season Card Voucher Code’ if you are a Season Card holder, or ‘Get A Pass’ if you wish to purchase a single match pass.

For existing Matchday LIVE subscribers, your subscription will remain valid using the same log-in details.

Supporters can purchase match-by-match passes for video streams or audio only commentary.

5. Check Everything Is Working Using The Test Stream

Having redeemed your code or purchased a match pass, you can check everything is working correctly.

It is crucial to note at this stage that if you are planning to watch the match on a mobile device, you MUST use the Official Middlesbrough FC App. This is in line with EFL regulations.

Desktop Users

Return to and if you are signed in, ‘Watch Live’ or ‘Listen Live’ buttons should be visible. Click ‘Watch Live’ if you are a Season Card holder or have purchased a video pass, or ‘Listen Live’ if you are an audio subscriber.

The test stream appears as a series of coloured bars and a ringing tone. If this is what you see and hear, you’re all set.

Mobile Users

Ensure you have downloaded the MFC Official App and have the latest update:

Apple users can download the Middlesbrough FC Official app from the App Store

Android users can download the Middlesbrough FC Official app from Google Play

Open the App, selecting ‘More’ in the bottom right corner followed by ‘Media’, the second item in the menu.

Select the ‘Live’ tab on the right, followed by ‘Video’ or ‘Audio’ to test appropriately.

If you have not already signed in to your MFC Digital Account, the App will prompt you to do this with a message that states ‘Subscription Required’.

Select ‘Accounts’, then press the slider next to ‘MFC Digital Account’ to sign in and link your Account to the App.

Returning to the ‘Media’ section of the App, you should now be able to select ‘Video’ or ‘Audio’.