On the 14th August @ 19:35

The 22nd round of CSL league in the season of 2019

Shanghai SIPG will play against Tianjin Teda at home

History records between two teams

2019-04-28    Tianjin Teda 0:2 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

2018-09-14    Tianjin Teda 2:5 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

2018-04-22    Shanghai SIPG 1:1 Tianjin Teda ( CSL)

2017-09-09    Shanghai SIPG 3:1 Tianjin Teda ( CSL)

2017-05-14    Tianjin Teda 0:1 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

Previous five tournament result for Shanghai SIPG

2019-08-09    Guangzhou R&F 2:2 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

2019-08-03    Shanghai SIPG 0:0 Tianjin Tianhai ( CSL)

2019-07-28    Wuhan Zall 1:1 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

2019-07-24    Guangzhou Evergrande Taobao 0:2 Shanghai SIPG ( CFA Cup)

2019-07-21    Chongqing Dangdai Lifan 2:2 Shanghai SIPG ( CSL)

Previous five tournament result for Tianjin Teda

2019-08-10    Tianjin Teda 2:1 Wuhan Zall ( CSL)

2019-08-03    Tianjin Teda 2:0 Henan Jianye ( CSL)

2019-07-28    Tianjin Tianhai 1:0 Tianjin Teda ( CSL)

2019-07-24    Tianjin Teda 1:3 Shanghai Greenland Shenhua ( CFA Cup)

2019-07-20    Tianjin Teda 3:3 Dalian Yifang ( CSL )

ROME, May 19 (Xinhua) — Three European giants: Inter Milan, FC Bayern and Real Madrid will stage a European Solidarity Cup in 2021, aiming to send a message of solidarity and use the proceeds to support medical infrastructurs.

Manchester City’s Eric Garcia is consoled by manager Gareth Taylor after leaving the game with an injury during the FA Youth Cup final at The City Academy Stadium, Manchester.

Depending on the match calendar, and also depending on when football can be played in front of spectators again, the three teams will play against each other in 2021 in a round-robin group, with one match played in each city: Milan (Inter vs FC Bayern), Madrid (Real vs Inter), and Munich (FC Bayern vs Real Madrid).

“The COVID-19 pandemic has hit people all over the world with great force. The great commitment of all healthcare workers has been essential to now allow us to look to the future. With this initiative we want to thank them and celebrate their work and at the same time send a message of unity and solidarity between nations,” said Steven Zhang, club president.

The net proceeds from all three games will be donated to medical facilities in the three countries as a symbol of support for a united Europe. Enditem