Final day action at both ends of the Championship table.

“It keeps fans interested right to the death, it shows how competitive the Championship is.

“I was reading on Saturday that I now have managed more games in this league than anyone else. It’s a hard league to manage in, but it’s one that I love. When you’re not in it you realise how much you miss it.

“But it never ceases to amaze me – the favourites get beat and the underdogs come through.”

The fight for survival and Boro’s position

“It’s a bit chaotic, the situation regarding Wigan and possible Sheffield Wednesday.

“We need to know what we’re up against but I don’t think that will be the case. It’s difficult for all the managers and clubs concerned.

“We’ve always said we need another point, everyone knows the feelings at the club.

“At the level we’re talking, it should have been decided one way or the other. But it is what it is, you just have to make sure it doesn’t matter what happens legally, it’s what on the pitch that matters.”

Keeping an eye on other results

“I’m sure we’ll be aware, with the IT these days you know about a goal seconds after it’s gone in. I don’t think you can’t keep it away from people. You just need to make sure those people are telling the truth!”

Contract situation and ambitions at Boro

“I’m sure Steve [Gibson] will reward myself, Kevin Blackwell and Ronnie Jepson if we achieve what we set out to achieve.

“It’s more important we get the right result, we’ve got one more hurdle to overcome tomorrow.”

Sheffield Wednesday and their scenario

“It will be a tough game for us anyhow, we’ve seen what Garry [Monk] has done and they have good players.

“We have to concentrate on ourselves, we’ve already spoken about 11 games tomorrow with something riding on it.

“It’s down to yourself and your team to come up with answers.”

Boro’s away form

“We’ve done nothing but shoot ourselves in the foot at home, but away from home the players have done what we have expected and more, so we go there confident.

“It’s a weird situation turning up at a ground, going where you’re put and social distancing. The sooner we can get fans back in the ground and get back in a dressing room the better.”

Team news and Jonny Howson’s suspension

“Jonny has let everyone down really. He’s been one of the big positives since I’ve got here, Mr Reliable and we will miss him in our last game. As he came past me on Saturday I said how disappointed I was, it was reckless. We’ve been looking at everything and the other midfielders we have and we’ll come up with the best solution we can.

“We’ve got a couple of little niggles but hopefully other than that it should be the squad from last week.”

Boro’s summer scouting

“They have been looking all over at all different levels.

“Until you know what division you’re in – the Championship is far different to League One financially so that’s why we need to stay in this league. It’s doubly hard for a big club to get back up again.”

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