Chinese veteran striker Gao Lin said on Monday his side Shenzhen Kaisa is fully prepared for the start of 2020 Chinese Super League (CSL) upon their arrival in Dalian, where the 2020 campaign will kick off.

Gao Lin joined Shenzhen from Guangzhou Evergrande in February. “Everything is in place, including the tea set,” said the team’s new captain.

The team has signed at least 17 domestic players this year, and Gao said the team is in good condition now.

“The atmosphere is very good and the team is well prepared. Everyone hopes to perform well in this year’s competition. I am also very honored to join such a team. I have gotten along well with everyone,” said Gao.

The 2020 CSL will play a total of 112 matches in 14 rounds for the first stage starting on July 25. Its first stage will be played in Suzhou, Jiangsu province, and Dalian, Liaoning province.

Another Shenzhen new recruit, Jiang Zhipeng, believes that it will be a challenge for the CSL to adopt a new competition system.

“The schedule is very tight. It is a challenge for our coaches, our bench and for recovery,” said Jiang.