News on August 14 Atletico coach Simeone attended the post-match press conference with Leipzig

After the game, both Cork and Saul said,Today’s game Leipzig performed better,Do you think this is angry?Or is this true?

The opponent won in 1 on 1,To win in set kicks,To gain a better understanding of the game,We are completely unable to play our characteristics in the game,Maybe after we equalize in the game,The game was relatively stable for a while,But then the opponent is in better condition,And the last goal,Obviously we could not play the game we hoped.

You said that you could not play the game you wanted,So this is because of mentality,Physical problems,Or does it mean that the tactics of facing opponents cannot be tricked or dismantled?

No no no,I think we have done our bestEveryone gave everything,This is a very difficult year,A great year,We have gone through more than 80 days of suspension,After more than a month of preparations,Resume the league,After 11 rounds of the league,After entering a week of rest,Prepare for war,Into the Champions League,Then everything didn’t go as we wanted.Now need to look up,Prepare for the new season.

You just talked about the problem of set balls,There was actually a controversial penalty in the first half.Saul fell in the opponent’s penalty area,But the referee did not award a penalty,Do you think this ball has a chance to change the game?

(Shakes his head) No,I don’t discuss excuses,I like our opponent very much,They played harder,More passionate,More energetic.

You say your opponent is more passionate,More dynamic,Then it’s the previous question,Do you agree with Kirk and Saul?Do you think that Atletico Madrid lost today without the intensity and commitment of the game?

I still said that,Our team went all out today,The players gave everything,But it is not as expected,Everyone loses.We went all out,Enter the quarterfinals,It will be better if you go furtherBut there is no doubt about the opponent’s victory,We congratulate our opponents on the promotion.

How to evaluate Leipzig’s performance:

I think their performance is better,The competition is more intense,faster,Then we changed to Felix,We go one step further on offense,We have more opportunities,Made a penalty,The game began to develop in a direction that was beneficial to us.of course,Leipzig is in better shape,They have more opportunities,But Atletico also went all out.

This season is very difficult,We have a great responsibility on our shoulders,And need to be able to return to the Champions League as much as possible at the end of the season,Our team works very hard,And to ensure the stability of the team’s performance.Then we return to the Champions League,Everyone hopes to go further,Because we all like the Champions League.

The season is difficult,Very complicated,We won third place in the league,Can guarantee to continue to enter the Champions League next season.In the Champions League,We entered the top eight,We were the top 16 last year,Our goal next season is undoubtedly to go further.

It feels like you feel that you are losing……Can you explain it?

I don’t know how to explain it.May be angry,sad,We certainly hope to do better,But we also went all out,When the final result is not so satisfactory,We have to consider how we can do better.But I can assure that Atletico Madrid has indeed gone all out.Every player wants to do better,They all tried their best,This season is very long,Very difficult,And not just such a game.

The players looked very lost,Do you think Atletico’s performance this season is a failure?

I think the loss is because we are under so much pressure,So many needs,After so many responsibilities,We got to this point,Everyone has great expectations,We know our opponent is very good.Today’s data,Completely different from our expectations,We are all angry.

But still that sentence,The players have gone all out,Can we do better?of course can,But when it comes to preparing for war,Speaking of everyone’s training,No one in our club should be blamed.This season is over,I think it was a good season,Third place in the league,Champions League quarter-finals.

The next season will be tough,Very difficult,Because there will be more outstanding teams,Excellent coach,We need to keep getting better,Because the gap between the teams is narrowing,It is shrinking year by year,As a coaching staff,It is the responsibility to make the team better next season.