News on August 16 recently,Barcelona star Messi has connected with Inter Milan,Inter Milan is also seen as a potential next stop for the Argentine star.Mirabelle, the former Milan director who worked at Inter Milan, said in an interview with Radio Sportiva,Inter Milan’s interest in Messi has a long history.

Mirabelle said:“When I was still at Inter Milan,Chairman Zhang Kangyang said he wanted Messi,But we all explained to him that because of FFP,Signing Messi is impossible.”

“I’m pretty sure for Inter Milan,Messi is not an unattainable dream.Now his contract with Barcelona is about to expire,He may also leave the team freely in June next year.Barcelona needs to make important decisions,They certainly don’t want such players to leave the team in a free transfer.”

News on August 17 The famous journalist Balague said on the BBC program,For the new coach of Barcelona,The club has already contacted Pochettino,But former Barcelona player Ronald Koeman may become a more popular choice.

“The board of directors will meet on Monday,Setien will dismiss get out of class,They had to choose a head coach,Because the season preparations will begin in two weeks,Talking about Coman might be that person.”

“He declined an offer in January,But this time is different.I think his health may account for a certain factor.The discussion may be ongoing,We might hear it on Monday,But he will need to be separated from the national team,So we have to wait for this result.”

“He is a choice that almost pleases everyone.”