News on August 7 The former Real Madrid player Seedorf recently accepted an interview from the media.In the interview, he looked forward to the upcoming second leg of Manchester City’s Champions League quarter-final against Real Madrid.He said that Real Madrid, which is lagging behind, will face severe challenges in the game.In addition, he also talked about Barcelona’s De Jong and the blues Chelsea’s new aid Ziye.


Seedorf told Stats Perform News:“I believe that when the Real Madrid team returns to the game after winning the La Liga championship, there will be a certain chemical reaction.”

“When Real Madrid has players like Benzema and Ramos,They will seize every opportunity in the game,They will be very motivated,Strive for promotion.”

“Ramos and Benzema are both key players in Real Madrid.But in fact the entire team performed very stable.”

“If you discard the score factor,Real Madrid is definitely one of the most popular teams in the world today.Manchester City too,Both teams are the top teams in the world.”

“It will be difficult for Real Madrid to reverse the situation at the Etihad Stadium.But nothing is impossible.Manchester City has lost in the league and the FA Cup this season.They also need to prove themselves in the Champions League.”

“I believe Real Madrid can reverse it,Although it is very challenging.”

For De Jong,Seedorf said:“He is a good player,Also a talented player,I hope to see him perform more brilliantly in the team in the next few years.”

“For De Jong,It is not easy to come to a new country, a new league, a new team to play.It is an honor for him to join a team like Barcelona who knows his playing style very well.”

“I believe that De Jong will play better and better in the next few years.I am also very happy that we can continue to enjoy his performance on the playing field.”

For the Blues Chelsea’s first sign Ziyesh this summer,He said that although he recognized Lampard’s coaching ability,But he still thinks it is difficult for Zies to adapt to the Premier League.

He added:“Lampard has proved to the outside world his ability to train young players this season.He brought many improvements to the team and young players,But I think Ziyesh will encounter many challenges after coming to Chelsea,After all, Chelsea’s way of playing is different from Ajax’s way of playing.The wind on the Premier League

The styles of Georgia and the Eredivisie are also different,I think this is the biggest challenge he faces——Adapt to a new environment.”

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