News on August 7 At the pre-match press conference early this morning,Real Madrid coach Zidane said that Bell refused to play.This is why he did not enter the big list.However, according to Radio Zero, who first broke the news that Bell refused to play, revealed to team reporter Edu Pidal,No team has ever offered Bell to Real Madrid.Bell didn’t confirm the past at all.

“According to Bell,He knew that no matter what he did, he had no chance to play.So there is no need to continue asking for appearances,This is where he and Zidane are.But on the other hand,He did not leave home either,At least not now,No agreement with any team.No club found Real Madrid.”

“Bell’s contract is two years away,He doesn’t want to go,And the solution given by Bell is,Let him play,But while Zidane is still there,This scheme is impossible to achieve.Real Madrid does not want to make more comments.Especially at such a moment.But Bell will cost Real Madrid nearly 30 million euros a year.This is not something that any club can afford.”