News on August 7 Barcelona coach Setien attended the pre-match press conference with Naples.

After the league,The team took two weeks of rest and preparation,You mentioned earlier that the team needs some adjustments,And to restore the mentality.Do you think the team has done it now?

Yes,Our feeling is good since the last game,Not only the players,I know I need to rest,Because these games are very tight,Everyone is tired.And I think our recovery is sufficient,Everyone has a good rest from physical fitness to mentality,After charging,Everyone is ready for the next game.

Are you ready for tomorrow’s starting lineup?And the truce between Vidal and Busquets,Is Roberto about to top midfield?

Yes,I have basically decided on tomorrow’s first release,It was ready a few days ago.Some players based on the current situation,And according to the specific personnel situation,They will change.

Except for tomorrow’s game,Do you think this game will determine your future?

(Laughs) I knew you were going to ask this question,Actually,I never thought this would be my last game,I am very calm,Everyone knows the meaning of tomorrow’s game,And we believe that we have the opportunity to move on,Able to advance to Portugal,We all maintain the same energy,The same fighting spirit.

Although we keep talking about the player’s problem,But today Barcelona’s squad only has 13 first-team players.The abilities of these players are beyond doubt,But such a thin lineup,Is it really enough to face the next Champions League?

This is hard to say,Of course it’s best if there are more players,Because it means there are opportunities to choose,And now we will need a lot of young players,These players will provide us with great help at critical times.

This is the situation now,We cannot change,We all hope that every player can play,But this is not the case,We need to adapt to this situation.even so,We still need to be in this situationUse the resources at hand as much as possible.

Atul’s problems continued in the past week,Have you talked with Atul?Did you ask him to explain?Especially do you understand what happened?

how to say,I talked to him before the holiday,Just like other players,I haven’t had any communication with him since then.after that,We all know thatThe club has their decision.But this matter has exceeded what my position represents,I certainly hope that’s not the case,But obviously it is not as I wanted.

Dembele has returned to training this week,Have you considered recruiting him before?And if you advance,Dembele will definitely participate in the competition, right?

Yes,I thought about it before,Unfortunately,His training volume is still very limited,In fact,We must know the risks involved,Maybe he can return at some point,He also has confidence.But now it’s better to let him rest.If we can advance next week,Maybe the amount of training will be enough by then,You can participate in the competition.

The first round of the game,Naples’ defense is excellent,But their counterattack was also excellent,Especially Lozano,Insigne,Players like Mertens,Tomorrow’s game you will consider blocking the sideways,And restrict Naples’ counterattack?

This depends on it,In previous matches, NaplesWe have all seen,Their progress is obvious,Having a strong lineup can help them achieve outstanding results.I think their progress is obvious,After Mr. Gattuso arrived,I think Napoli is not a purely defensive team.They can balance offense and defense at the same time.

to be frank,We have been studying the performance of Naples for a long time,And preset many possibilities,Our goal is to limit the opponent as much as possible,Don’t let them perform at their best.Barcelona also needs to defend as much as possible,Because they have great players,We know the power of such an opponent.

Will Fati and Phuket debut tomorrow?

How to say this,to be frank,Both Fati and Phuket can play,And they all performed very well,I know they can start,This is no different from other players,I believe these two players can start the game.

What do you think of the echelon players preparing for the first team during this period?What do you think of the future of these young players?

We encountered some problems at the beginning,Because some players participated in the promotion playoffs,Some have some injuries,We need to choose some players who rarely practice with the first team.But I think what we need to make is to make some changes based on current needs.Such a situation is indeed very rare.And it’s very surprising,But we also believe thatThese young people can help us.

You said after the match with Celta,Barcelona failed to maintain the score through conservative measures when gaining advantage.So from your perspective,Tomorrow’s game you hope the team will play more cautiously and conservatively.Or to play more directly,More radical,Win with a greater advantage?

The best thing is that we can do what we should do during specific game hours,For example, when you need to control the ball,Then control the ball,If you have a chance to attack,Then go all out,If you need to defend,Then you need to defend well,This is the right time to choose.If you need to be conservative to ensure that your opponent cannot attack,Then you need to be conservative,But if there is a chance to attack,Then go all out.

Before Barcelona’s performance against strong teams was very average.Are you worried about the team’s performance in the face of strong teams?

I think Barcelona has been doing well,But we can’t manipulate the outcome,We do our job well,Barcelona hopes to play well,Bring happiness to the fans.As for the score,We can’t control,But we try our best to do our own work,Try to win as much as possible,Brought a change for the fans.

Barcelona went out to prepare in terms of skills, tactics and physical fitness,I also prepared psychologically,What does this mean for Barcelona?

We have been working hard with the players,Hope to help them,So that they can perform their best,I don’t think it is necessary to look for the reasons in this regardBecause our players have experienced many battles,They are used to such occasions,They are all very good players,The future ahead of us is also very bright.I hope to see the best of the players tomorrow.