July 30 News In an interview with Marca Radio,Atletico Madrid striker Correa said:“I feel that I have become more mature this season,But I also need to improve in many areas.Strong teams all over the world want to have Oblak,But he is already playing for a strong team,He has no need to leave.“

First of all,How are you?

“well,Thank God,Everything is fine.”

Considering that there will be a knockout in the Champions League,Atletico Madrid’s performance so far this season has been outstanding.right?

“Yes,Personally, I am very satisfied with my performance this season.I think I helped the team,So I am very happy.Now as you said before,We will focus on the most important events,That is to focus on the Champions League,I hope we can all go well in the Champions League.”

After so many rumors about leaving the team last summer,Have you ever expected that you will get so many performance opportunities and playing time in Atletico this season?And played such a good performance?

“After making things clear,I just focus on the team,As always.In order to be as better as possible,I give my best.When Simeone chose to believe me,I just try to do my best,Try to help the team,Fortunately, this situation continued to…Well, it continued until the epidemic suspended the game,This global pandemic is a huge blow to everyone.”

Is this your best season at Atletico Madrid?

“Put it this way,This season is the most stable one,I got a lot of chances to start the game,So we can be happy about it,But I can still get better,I am improving every day now,I hope to continue.”

Now you are considering the Champions League game,Recently someone in the Zaragoza team tested positive for the new crown virus.Almeria has also been infected,Do you feel scared?Are you concerned about what might happen to Lisbon, which will host the Champions League?

“Yes,Now the epidemic in many places has rebounded,Hope it’s not a serious situation,I hope they can control the rebound as soon as possible,Only in this way can we finish the Champions League this season,But well,I think everyone’s health is the most important,We all know,So we take good care of ourselves every day.”

Regarding this new crown virus problem,Only one person in the Atletico Madrid team was infected before,That’s Lodi,After that, the situation of Sapenjic (violation of regulations,Invited by Jovic to a barbecue party) was scary,But in the end nothing happened,For Lodi’s case,What was done in the locker room at that time?

“It was just when we returned to the team for training,Lodi is fine at home,Also training well,Then he tested positive for the virus,So I had to stay at home for another week,To train with us later,He is in very good condition now.”

How many times did they test you?This process should be uncomfortable, right?

“When we are playing,At that time, testing was conducted every two days, every three days,But this is to take care of the health of all of us,So I think it is worth it.”

People always think that professional players like you live in a wonderful bubble.But in this new crown epidemic,Not that you are afraid,But I have some worries about going out

“I think this is the same for everyone,As I said before,This epidemic is a huge blow to everyone,Because no one expected such a situation,Just like this one day we encountered such an epidemic,Unfortunately, many people died because of this,There are still many people sick,But well,This is how life is now,I hope we can get out of the epidemic as soon as possible,Because this is a very bad situation for everyone.”

Considering the approaching Champions League,Atletico Madrid played very well at the end of the league.The team performance, statistics, and players’ physical condition are all very good,Do you like the outside world will“Popular with a high chance of winning”Is the label on you?

“When the epidemic broke out,We know that we must prepare well,When we compete again,We need to play a game every three days,So the whole team must have a tough state,And everyone has seen it,This is the case,Every player who comes on the bench can play better than his teammates off the court.So we accomplished our goal,That is to get the third place in the league.As for another event,We know that the Champions League is very difficult,Now everyone is looking forward to it,We know that Atletico fans are looking forward to it,But this is by no means a simple matter,We need to go all out with humility,As we have always done.”

For Atletico Madrid’s draw,As you advance to the Champions League final,Your opponent is a good team,But maybe it’s not a particularly famous opponent in comparison,Do you like this situation?I ask this because you Atletico are always able to play better performances against those famous teams.And when you were seen as the favorites to advance, you didn’t perform so well.

“Yes,We also know thatWe don’t think we are hot,Now we are preparing for the battle,In order to be able to meet the game and advance in a good state,We are training hard,But I think from now on,Every Champions League game will be difficult,Any opponent you encounter can cause harm to you,This is something we know very well.”

The rumors with Milan last summer should have affected you,Because at the beginning of the season you can see that you are a little down,But then you successfully walked out and let everyone see one of the best Correa

“Yes,As I said before,The past situation is just the situation at the time,I am very happy here,I think this is my home,All my family have lived in Madrid for a while,So I am very grateful to the club,And I knew at the time what I should do is try my best to repay it in the best possible way,I also said that I am more and more grateful to the club,I also thank the coach who helped me grow a lot.”

We will ask you questions about Simeone soon,But I hope that the hearts of Atletico fans can become more calm.Can you 100% guarantee that you will play in Atletico next season?

“Such things can never be known,Because it depends on the idea of the club,Depends on the coach’s idea,I am having a great time at Atletico Madrid,As I always said,I owe everything to Atletico,So whenever I put on an Atletico Madrid shirt,I will defend the honor of Atletico to the death.This is the only thing I can do now.”

I don’t know if you have the same feelings inside you and outside of us,It seems that you have completely won Simeone’s trust,As long as you are in good condition,You will play,There are very few games you didn’t play this season,If I did not remember wrong,There is only one game in the whole season and you are on the bench.This shows that you are one of Simeone’s favorite players,Isn’t it?

“I have been playing in the club for many years,The coach knows me well,Thank God,Injuries have always given me face,The coach knows that he can rely on me,And he also knows that he can use me to play any position.He knew that when I went on the field, I would do my best for the team.He saw these.”

Can you understand people criticizing Simeone?For a coach like Simeone who won those honors for Atletico Madrid,How can they criticize?I ask this because there are often such atypical criticisms,For example, some people say yes,He led Atletico to win many competitions,Completed the club goal,But his team game is not good,Do you feel upset?

“There are all kinds of people,People comment according to their own wishes.Obviously it is very difficult to rank in the top year after year and maintain the rhythm of competing with Real Madrid and Barcelona.This is very laborious,I think this thing can be detected every year.”

If the team tells you“We want to play better now”,Will you understand?Or you would think that since we are playing like this now, it is very smooth,Then why change?

“I think it depends on the situation,I think compared with previous years,The team has played in different ways this year,I think the team has improved a lot this year,But at the same time we also have a lot of new aid,It is difficult to adapt to Atletico Madrid,I think considering the players who left the team,So Atletico did not play particularly well this year.But the new guys all adapt quickly,Also adapted well,I think we will improve a lot next season,I have no doubt about it.”

For a player trusted by Simeone,How do you feel?Do you feel that you have gained trust simply by getting a lot of competition opportunities?Or is it already felt in daily training?

“I said this before,I have always given face to me in terms of injuries,So the coach can rely on me,In every game he knew I was ready to play for him.”

There is one thing I am curious about,Considering your data for this season,You got a lot of yellow cards early in the season,You are also suspended for accumulating yellow cards,Missed the team’s game with Villarreal,But since then,You never got a yellow card again,What happened?Did you make a bet in the locker room?Or are you just telling yourself that you can’t take cards anymore?

“No,I think my playing style and attitude to help the team are like this.Just crazy,So now I always stop before doing something,Think more about it.I think this is why I used to eat the card before,I think I have changed this aspect now,So they are not giving me cards now.I think this is the reason,There is no other reason.”

So can it be said that Correa is more mature this season?

“Yes,I feel it now,I feel that I have improved in many ways,But I know I still lack a lot,I still need to continue to grow,This is the most important,I am very eager to continue to grow.”

Have you seen a goalkeeper like Oblak in your life?

“(Laughs) No,Seriously, we are very happy to have him,He is a goalkeeper who can bring you a great sense of security,He won countless points for us,And this kind of performance year after year.”

Then you have to convince him not to leave,As Burgos said a few days ago,Don’t let that Russian take him away

“Do not,I think this matter is up to him to decide,But I think he is very happy here,Oblak likes life in Madrid,He has everything here,And he won it himself,If i remember correctly,The first year he joined was also a bit difficult.Like everyone else,Atletico is not an easy club,But he has now won his position,He is the first goalkeeper,And he is worthy,Obviously the best teams in the world want him,But he is in a strong team now,So he has no need to leave.”

Assistant Burgos is leaving Atletico,What does this mean for Atletico and you?

“I have always been very grateful to Burgos,He helped me a lot during my initial surgery,He always gives me advice,I think this is an important step in his coaching career and life.Because he is going to be the coach,I think this is what he wants,The entire Atletico Madrid team wish him all the best,Because he is a super person.He is worthy of all this.”

I want to ask Marcos Llorente, who is on the topic now,He changed his position,Did you expect Llorente to perform well in a position that was not his?Or do you think Simeone and his coaching staff have seen potential in Llorente that most people have not seen before?

“The fact is that he scored a lot of goals in training,Simeone saw it too,So he decided to play Llorente in that position,Decided to let Llorente use his speed and strength to play in that position to change the situation on the court.Everyone is happy for him,We hope he can continue to maintain it in the next games,Because the next game will be very important.”

You experienced the same situation as Felix many years ago,Joined the team at the age of almost a child,Felix has a great talent,This is what the whole world has seen,But he may be playing harder now,Because as you said,Playing in Atletico is not easy,Can you give him some suggestions?

“Yes,Not easy,We will communicate with him,Costa, Morata,These players on the front line will communicate,It is difficult to play forward in Atletico Madrid,Forwards always need to retrace,There is always a lot of running,Then you need to run back to the frontcourt and complete the offense.So this is a very difficult position,Felix is very talented,He is a good player,I think he also knows how to listen to suggestions,So I have no doubt that he will adapt slowly,The situation will gradually become smoother,He will bring a lot of happiness to Atletico fans.”

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