News on July 31 Atletico Madrid star Carrasco was in excellent form after the La Liga rematch,Become a key part of the team’s offensive end.Recently, the Belgium international was interviewed by the media,He talked about his current feelings and the UEFA Champions League contest between the Sheet Army and the Bundesliga powerhouse Leipzig.

Talk about the current situation of Atletico

“in my opinion,The team is currently in good shape,Full of desire and excitement.The players are training intensively,Preparing for August 13 (the Champions League quarter-finals).”

Talk about your feelings

“It feels good right now,I was training hard to improve my competitive form before,The hard work paid off.The coaching staff and teammates gave me affirmation,I also made a lot of effort in the process of reintegrating into the team.I hope I can move forward.”

Talk about the strong dialogue of the Champions League quarterfinals

“This will be a huge challenge for Atletico Madrid in the Champions League.Although the situation is different this year,But as professional players,I will go all out in Lisbon.Leipzig is an excellent team,Their offense is excellent,It may bring some surprises.But we know what kind of performance we have to show on the court,Only then can we win and go further in the Champions League journey.”

News on August 3 According to “Aspen” report,Atletico Madrid’s left-wing player Kaio Enrique, who had ended his lease in Gremio, will join the team this week.The coach Simeone will decide his stay next season after the inspection.

Although Kaio-Enrique terminated the lease agreement early in June,But according to the regulations,The Brazil U23 international was unable to make up for entry into Atletico Madrid’s league roster and the Champions League roster this season.So he enjoyed a long vacation,He didn’t return to Madrid until July.

It is reported that,Kaio Enrique, who can appear at left back and midfielder, will return to the team this week.Formally joined the team training.Simeone will observe his competitive level and his level of integration into the team,Decide whether to keep this generalist.At the same time, because the first team of Atletico Madrid has only Lodi at the left back position,Therefore, Kaio Enrique has always been regarded as a suitable supplementary candidate for the defense.But at the moment he still needs to face the competition of B team teenager Manu Sanchez.

In addition,The Portuguese super giants Benfica, Porto and Marseille in Ligue 1 have all kept their eyes on Caio Enrique.If the training performance cannot impress the coaching staff,Atletico Madrid is likely to choose to sell it to withdraw funds.