News on August 29 Not long ago,The German transfer market has counted the list of players’ individual championships from the 21st century to the present.Brazilian right back Alves, who has played for Barcelona, Juventus, Paris and other teams, ranked first with 41 titles.Iniesta ranked second with 39.Messi tied for third with 37 crowns.It is worth mentioning that the top five players on this list have played for Barcelona in their club careers.

1.Alves, 41 crowns

2.Iniesta, 39 crowns

3.Messi, 37 crowns

4.Maxwell, 37 crowns

5.Pique, 36 crowns

6.Hawthorne-Ashur, 34th

7.Robben 33 Crown

8.Ronaldo, 33 crowns

9.Busquets, 33 crowns

10.Ibrahimovic, 33 crowns

11.Harvey, 32 crowns

12.Will Goma, 31st crown

13.Thiago, 31 crowns

14.Thiago Silva, 30th crown

15.Emad meteb, 30 crowns

16.Dario Srna, 29th

17.Pedro, 29th crown

18.Benzema, 29th crown

19.Fernandinho, 28th

20.Thiago Motta, 27th

twenty one.Schweinsteiger, 26th crown

twenty two.Cross, 26 crowns

twenty three.Pyatov, 26th crown

twenty four.Puyol, 26 crowns

25.Pepe, 26 crowns

26.Di Maria, 26 crowns

27.Tevez, 26 crowns

28.Ramos, 26 crowns

29.Buffon, 25 crowns

30.Casey, 25 crowns

31.Ribery, 25 crowns

32.Muller, 25 crowns

33.Van Bommel, 25th crown

34.Verati, 25 crowns

35.Louis Pine, 25 crowns

36.Marchisios, 25th

37.Cavani, 25 crowns

38.Deco, 25 crowns

39.Boateng, 24 crowns

40.Neuer, 24 crowns

41.Lakitsky, 24 crowns

42.Valdes, 24 crowns

43.Mascherano, 24 crowns

44.Hames, 24 crowns

45.Shalehub, 24 crowns

46.Cesar, 24 crowns

47.Neymar, 24 crowns

48.Matuidi, 23rd

49.Alaba, 23 crowns

50.Mandzukic, 23rd