News on August 3 In an interview with “World Sports Daily”,Barcelona star, former assistant coach and coach of the B team Osevio said:“Barcelona did not call me when they fired Valverde.Setien tried to change,But he failed to make the team play a stable performance,I am open to coaching Barcelona in the future.“

How did you spend it during the epidemic?

“Spend peacefully,I was in Valladolid when the city was closed,At that time, I also kept in touch with my team.After the lockdown, I took a little trip,At that time, I was paying attention to my wine cellar in Toro.Now I am in Sitges,I also used this time to think,Thinking is always good.”

What did you do in terms of work?Now you don’t have a team

“I am a coach,Although there is no coaching team now,But I will prepare myself for the opportunity in the future.I always keep in touch with my teaching assistant,We have found new technology that helps us to work remotely.In short,We have always followed the football world,Continue to watch the game,Continue to analyze the ideas that we have already clear and the new ideas that have emerged,There are also some ideas that might help when coaching again later.”

So during this time,Which football matches have caught your attention?

“There will always be things that make you very inspired.I love watching Guardiola’s Manchester City,To see their domination of the game,Watching them continue to press and push after losing the ball,Look at their offensive and defensive conversion.From this perspective,Frick’s Bayern are closer to what Guardiola is showing.It is very interesting to watch them play.In the league, I followed my former team.Royal Society,I like Immanuel’s team performance,I like them to snatch and push up,Love the positions of Erdgau and Merino and the way they find their opponents’ midfielder,And Porto and Oyazabal made a deep breakthrough on both sides,I also paid attention to the defensive performance of Atletico Madrid and Bi Bao.After the game resumes,Atletico Madrid has made great progress,Better performance at the ball stage,The central defender and midfielder attacked from the backcourt to participate in cooperation,And the support provided by Saul retracement,The team has always had a lot of movement.Offensively,Setien has tried to put more people in the midfield at Barcelona.This is to have a numerical advantage in the midfield and control the midfield.In the game against Villarreal,Messi played the shadow front,Suarez and Griezmann stood in front of him,There are three more in midfield,They did a good job offensively.This surprised Villarreal and I,But you should also find a balance on the defensive end,Real Madrid has done better in this regard.They are based on their toughness on the defensive end,They rarely lose the ball,At the same time relying on the ability of their strikers to solve problems on the offensive end,I won a lot of points like this,They didn’t let their opponents create too many opportunities.”

Setien has tried to change,But he failed to make the team stable performance.Also failed to connect with the team stars

“It is not easy for him,And from a certain point of view this is normal.Valverde has his own success,Because he won two league titles,And he did a good job,The team had its own complex problems at the time.Valverde successfully made the team play well on the defensive end in the first two years.The frontcourt depends on Messi’s ability and cooperation to determine the outcome of many games.When Setien took over the team,That’s because the club wants to seek change,This is what he is trying to do.We have indeed seen changes,But the team failed to find balance,This is always an important point for winning the championship.At least they failed to achieve a balance like Real Madrid,They failed to do it in the league,But the best thing is that they have a chance to reverse the situation in the Champions League.This UEFA Champions League has a short schedule,Relying on the existing lineup of Barcelona,At the same time considering the good changes they made,Barcelona is able to win the favorite championship of Barcelona fans.So stay focused now,Can’t think about what happened before.”

What is the most visible change in Setien’s Barcelona?

“Setien prefers to dominate the game,Prefer to get more ball rights,Prefer to put pressure on the opponent’s half,I prefer to press forward on all three fronts.He wants his team to dominate the game,I hope the team gets a high ball possession rate,In order to consume the opponent’s physical strength,And over time,In this way, the opponent finally makes more space,But their performance still lacks stability.Let’s not forget that Valverde’s Barcelona play is different,Valverde had previously accepted that he had to do a good job on the defensive end.In the first two years of his coaching,They performed very well on the defensive end,And a team with Messi and Suarez has a huge advantage.Because Barcelona almost always scored more than one goal.Setien wanted to kick something different.Because this is how he feels about football,This can also be seen in the team,But all this is not enough to beat the stability that Real Madrid showed at the end of the season.But let me emphasize again,The best part is that the Champions League is coming,Now we have to look at the positive aspects,You have to think about the positive aspects you show while continuing to strengthen,Because Barcelona has the ability to do everything in these four games.”

Setien’s contract ends in 2021,But if he cannot win the Champions League,That may not be able to continue coaching.Under such assumptions,Harvey’s name keeps being mentioned,Do you think it’s his moment?Or that he used to be a teammate of some players in the team,Is this identity a negative factor for him?

“I think about Harvey the same as I think about Koman,Their player experience in Barcelona has been very positive.Because they know what the club is like,Know the club philosophy and everything around.Harvey became a coach,And I’m sure he knows exactly what he wants.His ability to absorb football concepts is immense,Just like he used to be a player,I am sure that this is helpful to him.He may still lack some experience coaching elite teams.But Guardiola also lacked such experience when he first took over the team.And everyone saw how the team worked afterwards.This will not be an obstacle to Harvey,And he also knows the locker room.”

So do you think you can coach Barcelona someday?

“After losing to the Bucharest star in the Barcelona UEFA Champions League final,I joined the team in 1988,After that we successfully won the championship,These include the Champions League final at Wembley Stadium.I have already returned to Barcelona as Rijkaard’s assistant before.We succeeded in making the fans happy,The team won two league titles and one Champions League title,It’s the one in Paris.And my third stage was 4 seasons with Barcelona B team.I think we did very well at the time.In the third season we were third in the second division,And many of our players went to the first team,After all, this is the point of the echelon,That is to let a team have La Masia players.Now my football philosophy and philosophy are connected with Barcelona,This is also very reasonable and normal.Now this team has a coach,We have to respect him,But what I cannot deny is that now I have very important experience,I am open to coaching Barcelona in the future.”

Did Barcelona call you when they fired Valverde in January?

“They didn’t call me,I didn’t call them either,But I always follow the trends in the football world.”


Do you have an offer to coach now?

“I did get an offer to teach abroad,But I didn’t accept it,Because I want to wait to see what opportunities La Liga has.”

The team played well when you led Real Sociedad,Everyone praised your team style

“Yes,But I have an exact style and type,I need a club and sports director brave enough to believe in this style,In order to wait for this moment to come,I should be patient.”

So what is this special style?

“It doesn’t mean that,Not that my coaching style is only suitable for some teams.All I want is to win as many games as possible,At the same time, I hope that my team will find a balance between offense and defense.The problem is that I believe in the concept that I felt most comfortable in as a player.It was the same when I started working as a coach afterwards.I like to control the ball,The longer the better,I hope we are the protagonists on the court,Want to control the ball,I hope to have a very clear performance in terms of position,Because if the players know where they must stand and where they should run,Then there will always be a pass line.I like to have a superior performance in the midfield,Like to open up the court space through wingers,In order to execute tactics and open up space,Cooperate from the backcourt,Create a performance that is completely stronger than the opponent,Ensure good offensive and defensive conversion performance,To avoid risks.A lot of excellent offensive attempts must be made,But when losing the ball in the opponent’s half,It is necessary to put pressure on the area close to the opponent’s penalty area,Front premise,Forcing the opponent to make mistakes,Then again create a threat near the opponent’s goal.If we can’t force them to lose the ball near the penalty area and they succeed in breaking through,It also needs to show good performance in retracement defense.Whether it’s a slight retreat or a retreat to our restricted area,Because sometimes the opponent will force you to defend like this.Then when there is a chance,Rush out to fight back.We can see what kind of football I like in the previous Royal Sociedad,This is especially true when I have great players,Control the ball,But if I have players like Porto and Oyazabal,So how can we give up the opportunity to fight back quickly?You still need to understand your team well and stimulate their abilities.I like my team to dominate the game,But the most important thing is to cause damage to the opponent,If you can kill them with a counterattack,Then do it.We should know how to be flexible,After all, what I hope most is that the team can perform well.Keep offensive and defensive balance and win.”

You once said in an interview with us that when you were on the Barcelona B team,The club doesn’t see you as a candidate for coach and makes you feel uncomfortable.Do you still feel that the club is like this?

“No,This aspect has changed in recent years.If you coach in the echelon,Then it’s normal for the club not to pay too much attention to you.But I proved at Real Sociedad what I can offer the team,Now the whole world knows what I can do.”

Could it be complicated to manage a locker room with many stars?You were a member of the dream team

“It depends on the situation,Because veterans also have more abilities,They know how to better face and deal with the situation of the game at every moment.This is a question to communicate with them and persuade them with your ideas.”

Is there anything else you want to say?

“Have,Sending a hug to Vinsue (suffering from frostbite),I was lucky enough to play football with him,After that, I was fortunate to work with him in the coaching staff.He is a model of hard work, optimism, and humanity.The way he faces the disease is something we all should learn.”