News on August 1 In March this year,Brazilian star Ronaldinho went to Paraguay to attend an event,Arrested for using a fake passport to enter the country.According to ESPN,Ronaldinho’s lawyers are evaluating a plan that will allow him to be released (and leave the country) as early as August this year.It is reported thatParaguayan prosecutors are willing to bargain over this case.

In April this year,After paying $800,000 in bail,Ronaldinho and his brother Roberto Assis were released,But he has been under house arrest in a luxury hotel in Asuncion, the capital of Paraguay, and has been living there.Unable to leave the country.

Due to previous investigations of suspected environmental crimes,Ronaldinho’s Brazilian passport was confiscated,But in fact, the player’s Brazilian passport was returned to him in September 2019.It is still unclear why Ronaldinho did not use his passport to enter Paraguay.Simultaneously,The female prosecutor Dalia Lopez was the one who invited Ronaldinho to attend the event in Paraguay.But he has been at large since the fake passport incident,She is the key factor in resolving this case.

It is reported that,Regarding the passport case of Ronaldinho and his brothers,90% of the cases have been closed,Because besides trying to enter the country with fake documents,The prosecution did not find any connection between Ronaldinho and his brothers and money laundering or related organizations.However, the processing of the case was delayed due to the impact of the new crown epidemic,So the prosecution may provide Ronaldinho with a chance to reach a plea agreement,The agreement may include a confession of forged passports,Pay the fine every month or report to the judge every month.

Currently,Ronaldinho will continue to wait patiently for the lawyer to make it for him,A plan that allows them to be released as early as this month.According to Ronaldinho,If you are free again,He and his brother will first go to Porto Alegre to visit their mother and sister,Say hello to your family.During this time,Ronaldinho keeps phone contact with his trusted friends in Brazil and Spain almost every day.The players plan to visit their family members,To Spain,Settled in Castelldefels, a small town about 20 kilometers from Barcelona.