News on August 27 If Messi leaves the team,In theory, it will relieve Barcelona at least 100 million euros of salary pressure every year.But the premise of this situation is,Barcelona can also guarantee the current brand appeal and world influence.

Barcelona divides sponsors into 4 levels: main sponsor,Senior partner,Official partners and regional partners.The most important of them,And the most core are three:Nike,Lu Tian and Beko.

Among them, Barcelona and Nike renewed their contract for 8 years in 2016.The current cooperation agreement expires in 2026,Nike pays Barcelona every year1.0.5 billion eurosSponsorship costs,The highest can reach1.5.5 billion euros.Since the contract is still due for many years,Therefore, in theory, Messi’s departure will not affect Nike’s cooperation in the short term.

The real trouble is the next two:

On July 1, 2017, Barcelona formally reached a cooperation agreement with the current main sponsor, Japan Rakuten Group,The two parties signed a contract for 4 years,Lutian Group pays Barcelona every year55 million eurosSponsors.And if Barcelona win the league title,An additional 1.5 million.To win the Champions League,An additional 5 million.

Two weeks ago, Barcelona had been negotiating a contract extension with the Lutian Group.Barcelona hopes to renew the contract until 2022,But obviouslyIf Messi leaves,Barcelona will be much less confident at the negotiating table.And after expiration in 2021,The attitude of the Lutian Group will also be difficult to determine.Because no one knew there was no Messi,What will become of Barcelona.

In 2018, Barcelona renewed its contract with Turkish appliance brand Beco for 3 years.The new contract also expires in 2021,Beco provides Barcelona with19 million eurosSponsorship fee.At present, Barcelona has not negotiated with Becco to renew the contract.But you can imagine,When the contract is about to expire,Sponsors will also weigh their intention to renew.