News on August 29 TA’s Adam Crafton updated the transfer story about Arsenal goalkeeper Martinez in the column,It contains details about the replacement goalkeeper that Arsenal hopes to be able to buy.

Arsenal are preparing to sell their second goalkeeper Emiliano Martinez in this long and short transfer window this summer.Martinez, 27, after Leno was injured,Stood up in the semi-finals,His performance is indeed obvious to all.And Martinez himself,He never concealed his ambition and ambition to continue as the first goal for the team.Whether in Arsenal or other teams.But Mikel Arteta and his coaching staff,Still regard Leno as the number one goalkeeper’s first choice,Leno has also recovered from injury and rejoined the team’s joint training.Arsenal think they have only one choice,Just let Martinez be better off.

But things are not that simple,Martinez’s contract makes this situation more complicated.He and Arsenal have two years of contract left,And this contract is a six-year long-term contract signed in 2016.Martinez’s weekly salary is £20,000,And his agent has always hoped to renegotiate his treatment with Arsenal.Because Martinez’s progress is indeed very large.These conversations that should have been conducted long ago have been postponed to the present by various subjective and objective reasons.Including the epidemic,But the main reason for this shirk is the salary increase.

So as a result,Martinez still hopes,Although he may leave the team,But conversations and negotiations with Arsenal can be conducted in a sincere manner.The attitude of Arsenal is also very obvious.If he can really leave the team this summer,Then Arsenal are even willing to pay Martinez a part of the compensation/reward.

When Sanley was in office,Arsenal value Martinez at around 20 million pounds,And in the current economic situation,Arsenal are even willing to lower the asking price again.Martinez,As a ten-year veteran of Arsenal,I hope Arsenal can count on his diligence for the team for so many years.if it is possible,Able to reduce the transfer fee requirement to 10 million pounds,The clubs of England and Spain have been hoping to sign Martinez,Including the two La Liga clubs of Valencia and Betis,But they have not yet submitted an official offer.

If Martinez leaves the team,Then Arsenal will continue to look for the No. 2 goalkeeper in the transfer market.The current third goalkeeper Matt Massi has only one year left with the team.And there is no willingness to renew,Arsenal hope to sell the 25-year-old goalkeeper.

Arsenal admire the Spanish goalkeeper very much,David Raya,He used to work with Arsenal goalkeeper Inaki Kana at Brentford.Raya has another advantage,Even though he is Spanish,But his experience in the youth training in Blackburn makes him also a hukou goalkeeper.But Brentford currently has no idea to sell their core players..

According to the news source,Martinez’s current primary goal is to compete for the position of the Argentine national team’s number one goalkeeper.Earlier this month,He told the Argentine radio station Continental,“I have shown my strength to the club,So when I return in the new season,I need more playing time,This is the only way I can stay at Arsenal.”

“My goal is to consolidate and strengthen my position in Arsenal,Then became Argentina’s number one goalkeeper.I will never give up until I reach my goal,And if I can’t play for Arsenal,So clearly,I will leave.”

At the press conference before the Community Shield Cup in Arteta,He has been asked if he can guarantee that his two goalkeepers are satisfied.He repeated,“I don’t want to make them both happy,I hope the one who didn’t play for the team will be very upset,But this kind of emotions and challenging thoughts will make him better,He needs to win a place at Arsenal,This is not easy.”

Obviously,Arteta has no doubts about Martinez’s statement.The player is currently a member of Arsenal.He continued to train on the team,And performed well,He is still the player to be chosen in Arsenal’s lineup,It is even possible to play in the Community Shield against Liverpool.But Martinez is 27 years old,Time flies,He hopes to have a stable playing time as a No. 1 goalkeeper,No matter where.

Two years of contract left,Arsenal are currently at a fork in the road.Whether to renew or sell,this is a problem.But as the Argentine gave an ultimatum to the team,Arsenal seems to have done it,Their choice.