News on August 31 Yesterday Messi and Barcelona’s contract issue again caused controversy.First, the Messi team told the outside world through Radio Sear“Messi’s final year’s liquidated damages lapsed”,Then Laliga officially came forward,Said that Messi’s liquidated damages are still valid.But the Barcelona team of Radio Horizon and team reporter Alfredo got the original text of the Messi contract.Which confirms that Messi’s liquidated damages indeed lapsed in the last year.

In this regard,Several experts in Spanish sports law were interviewed early this morning.They also talked about their opinions.

Alonso Mart, SpainíSports law expert at nez law firm Rafael Alonso said in an interview with Sear Radio:“I think there is no clear end time for this season,Whether it’s June 30th or August 23rd,Hard to say,Because this year’s situation is very special.”

“The season has been extended this year,The contract has also been postponed.When we made the contract before, we followed the normal situation.Normal season,But due to this year’s suspension and other issues,The current contract is obviously completely inconsistent with what everyone expected.”

“If Messi chooses to go to other Spanish clubs,Then the Laliga statement we saw is very meaningful.In other words,If Messi fails to enforce the penalty clause in accordance with the regulations,Then Laliga will not approve the termination of the contract,This is a normal thing.”

“but,If Messi wants to go abroad,The situation is completely different,Because at this time, it is FIFA that decides whether the transfer is legal.Instead of Laliga,FIFA will see if your termination is a reasonable and legal termination.”

“If Barcelona sue Messi,Then it depends on where to sue,It may be in a local court in Barcelona,May be in the Spanish Football Association,May be in the sports arbitration court,It may also be in FIFA.And this one,The most critical is the first step:Can FIFA issue a temporary transfer certificate to Messi,This means that Messi is allowed to play in the new team first,Then wait for the outcome of the trial.

As for Messi’s liquidated damages,Rafael Alonso said:

“When the liquidated damages expire,Or in the absence of liquidated damages,There are many ways to measure Messi’s transfer fee.For example, the age of the players,Contract period,The salary and value of the players,Club investment,And the situation before the player leaves the team,Even some similar cases.In short, there are many factors,It is not necessarily linked to 700 million euros.“

“Messi chose to refuse the nucleic acid test yesterday.And the following training,Messi’s fax also said before,He has unilaterally activated the release clause,So now it can be said that Messi thinks he is no longer a Barcelona player.Naturally, there is no need to perform labor obligations.But the problem is.How to interpret this famous leave clause,We haven’t seen it now.What is certain is thatMessi himself already thought,He has terminated his contract with Barcelona.

The Spanish law firm responsible for judicial services in the football field The founder of Himnus,Sports law expert Toni Roca said in an interview with Horizon Radio:

“I think Laliga’s statement yesterday surprised me very much.Of course they have their reasons,You can make this statement,But it has no influence on the dispute between Barcelona and Messi.Nothing to do.”

“I think both Barcelona and Messi have their reasons,I didn’t see the contract either,I don’t know exactly how it was written,I hope someone will announce the contract one day,Then we can all be very clear what is going on.”

“But judging from the original contract that I disclosed to Alfredo,Messi’s liquidated damages should have expired,Correct,failed,But it’s not that Messi can leave.Because it is still possible for Barcelona to sue Messi without reaching an agreement with Messi,at this time,It is the court that decides whether the clause is legal.”

“If Messi leaves the team freely,Then Barcelona might say,You still owe me 700 million,It is very possible.But another problem,It is also what the judge will pay attention to.Two months ago Barcelona also said,Messi is free to leave the team.“

”If Messi announced his departure on June 9,Barcelona can’t stop it,Then there is no reason that after 2 months,Messi does the same thing,Barcelona will stop in every possible way.And Barcelona Chairman Bartomeu said before,Messi has the right to decide his future,This is also very important evidence in the future courts.