September 1 News Last year, Cross filmed his personal documentary “KROOS”,Among them, Real Madrid coach Zidane also appeared,And talked about his views on Cross.

“Cross is not one of our four captains,But many times he is the actual captain,He has an innate authority and aura on the court.He doesn’t speak much,Is a relatively silent and introverted person,But if you need to speak, it’s loud and loud,He can be with anyone,coach,The director of the club,Teammates speak,And absolutely unambiguous.I see many times,When he speaks,All played a key role.”

“Cross can play midfielder No. 6,Can play a midfielder,Can kick back midfielder,Can play number 10,He can adapt to whatever you let him kick,He is a very calm,Very easy going person,Never nervous,Whether it’s a long shot,Still do a single kick to press the world,It’s all very smooth.I am very miraculous about the balance of his feet,Sometimes you don’t even know if he is a left-footed or right-footed player.”

“I like watching Cross play football,Like watching his training,Because his training sessions are very impressive,I didn’t say because of this film,I’m telling the truth,I have never seen Cross make a mistake,Maybe once,But his game is always very elegant,Very efficient,Never panicked,Nervous and cramped.”

“He loves football,He really likes to play football,I think this is the bond that connects us,Cross loves football,For me, I also regard playing football as the most important thing.Of course winning is very important,But first we have to play football,And this,I am the same as him.”

“Cross’s life is simple,It’s very pure football,family,The rest is really secondary to him,Only football and family,I believe everyone will remember such a player in the future,One of the best midfielders in the world,I admire his mind.”

“When you coach Cross,I think you know,Really happy to have such a be frank,When I retire,I would say,I used to coach Ronaldo,Bell,Modric,Ramos……But I will definitely say,I coached Tony Cross.Seeing his training every day,impressive,It’s really a model of professional players.”