News on August 30 The Community Shield Cup final that ended earlier,Liverpool lost to Arsenal in a penalty kick,After the game,Liverpool coach Klopp accepted an interview on the club’s official website.He said in an interview,He is happy for Takumin Minano’s goal,He believes that Takumi Minano can have a positive impact on the team.Klopp also talked about Brewster who missed a penalty.He said that it was not a big deal.

What does the Community Shield result mean for Liverpool and Arsenal, who are about to enter the new season?

“to be frank,I cannot answer this question for Arsenal,I think you can ask Arteta,We want to win the game,But he lost in the penalty shootout.”

“Our goal came very late,And we should have evened the score earlier,After Aubameyang scored,The game becomes more open.”

“If we can equalize the score as soon as possible,I think the result of this game will be different,I think we performed very well throughout the game.”

“But because it was too late to tie the score,There is not much time left for us.This is my opinion,I don’t know what Arteta would think.”

Are you satisfied with the team’s performance?

“Arsenal has a 5-4-1 defensive formation today,So we encountered some difficulties in the game,However, all my players maintain ample physical fitness.And that also requires us to make better tactical decisions.”

“I am satisfied with the performance of the team in some aspects,Because we did what we did in training during the game,No matter from the physical aspect,From the tactical perspective.”

“Of course,The players are not in their best condition and physical fitness.But it’s better than 3-4 days ago,I think this is normal.”

“There are still two weeks before the new season,After we lost the ball,The game has become more difficult,And we have to regain control of the game,I think we did a great job in the second half.”

“We continue to pose a threat to our opponents,Fought a sharp counterattack,Arsenal’s lineup is very good,But they did not create many opportunities in the game.”

“We missed two or three good opportunities,And that also determines the final result of the game.”

Five players can be replaced in each game in the new season,What is your opinion on this?Are you satisfied?

“Yes,We will have further discussions on this matter later,I know that the outside world thinks that increasing the number of substitutions is an advantage for the big club.But I don’t want to say this,I don’t need such an advantage.”

“What I want to say is,We still need to participate in 38 league games in the new season,But the schedule was shortened by four weeks.”

“And we also need to participate in other cups,So I think it helps to increase the number of substitutions.Of course,The opinions of other clubs may differ from ours.”

“But now is not the time to discuss strengths or weaknesses,In the last few games of last season,Manchester City changed five players in a game,I was thinking:‘Oh.This is not bad.’”

“What we have to consider now is how to pass the new season smoothly,How to make the players perform their best,I think it makes sense to increase the number of substitutions.But I am not the one who made the decision.”

How will Minamino’s club’s first goal affect his performance afterwards?

“For Takumi Minano,That goal is very important,It is also very important for the team,Before this game,Takumi Minano has not scored a goal for the team yet,That is the only thing he lacks.”

“Takumi Minano had many good opportunities to score before.So this goal will help him build confidence,He is in a very good state now,I think he played very well throughout the preseason.”

“I am happy for Takumi Minano,For him,It’s important to be able to play in the game,This goal is a big step for him.”

Do you think Nanno Takumi can have any positive impact on the team after adapting to the Premier League?

“Yes,I think Takumi Minano can have a positive impact on the team afterwards.This is why we signed him at the beginning.”

“Although Takumi Minano has performed very well in the last 1-2 games,But I don’t want to put too much pressure on him during the preseason.”

“Except for his goal today,Takumi Minano is also very important to the team,He can create opportunities in a small space,His response was quick.”

“Takumi Minano has a strong ability in reading competitions,He knows when to send the pass and when to shoot.”

“Minami Takumi encountered some difficulties when he first joined the team.He experienced the epidemic,And also need to adjust to the new life in the UK alone.”

“That’s not a good thing for Takumi Minano,But he handled it well,I think he is a very professional player,I am happy for him.”

Why did you choose Brewster for the penalty shootout,Do you think he can learn from this defeat in the future?

“Yes,I think we all need to keep learning,And then to prove yourself,We must face failure head-on,We lost the game today,Brewster is a member of the team.”

“Even if Brewster scored a penalty,I think other players may also miss penalties.I missed penalty kicks when I was a player,That feeling is really bad,But our players may experience even worse things later.”

“I think Brewster is a very good player,Since I came to the club,I haven’t seen him miss a penalty,However, penalty losses are possible.”

“How to face failure correctly has always been an important course.Players need to face the defeat,Because anything can happen in the football world.”

“nobody is perfect,Everyone makes mistakes,I don’t think such a mistake will negatively affect Brewster.If anyone has to take responsibility,that’s me,Because that was the decision I made.”

“I hope Brewster will take part in the penalty shootout,Because I think he is a very confident player,He generally does not miss a penalty kick.But this loss is nothing.”

Will you use your experience of missing penalties as a player to help Brewster?

“I rarely share my experience as a player with my players.Because that is too long.But I was not the only one on the team who missed a penalty kick.”

“I think other players on the team will also help Brewster,Of course,He doesn’t need to apologize or do other things,This is football.”

“If we want to win the game,We should win the game within 92 minutes,We haven’t participated in too many penalty shootouts before.”

“And Brewster’s free throw was also good.It’s just a bit taller,If you don’t play that high,Brewster’s ball can definitely be scored,Because the goalkeeper can’t save the ball at all.”