News on August 28 Several Barcelona membership organizations announced on Twitter,They will hold a press conference at 10:30 in the morning on August 28th, Spain local time.Formally submit a joint no-confidence motion against club chairman Bartomeu.

The motion of no confidence was first proposed by a membership organization called Cor Blaugrana (Red and Blue Soul).And set up a platform Més que una Moción,To collect the 16,000 signatures required to formally submit the motion of no confidence to the general assembly for voting.


According to Més que una Moción An official tweet on August 24 showed thatThe number of signatures obtained by the platform at that time was 7,000,Among them, 4000 signatures came from Barcelona members.At the same time they set up 50 on-site signature points.

The news of Messi’s departure from the team in recent days has brought the anti-Bartomeu sentiment to a peak.But Bartomeu said unexpectedlyAs long as Messi stays in the team, he is willing to resign,It doesn’t even matter if Messi publicly accuses him.

Més que una Moción The motion won the initiators El Cor Blaugrana and La Resistència del Palau, Manifest Blaugrana, Seguiment FCB, El Senyor Ramon and Noies Twitter BarçSupported by many famous Barcelona membership organizations including a,At the same time, the most important support for the motion,FromThree Barcelona presidential candidates: RespectivelyVictor Wundt, Lluis Fernandez-Alàas well asYordi Farre.Among them, Jordi Farley went to the club to apply for a motion of no confidence on Wednesday, local time.According to Cathay Radio,Farley had no plans to unite other members in the impeachment of Bartomeu.