September 8 News The new Premier League season has not yet started,But some football celebrities have begun to predict the ownership of the championship.

In an interview with the Daily Mail,The former Liverpool player Murphy believes thatPremier League champion in the new season,Liverpool still has the greatest advantage.

Murphy:”I think the Premier League championship will still be produced in the hands of Klopp or Guardiola next season.But considering that Messi is no longer likely to come,Therefore, the balance of victory will still lean towards Liverpool.“

All signs show,Liverpool have the biggest advantage.Everything in the team is working well,Everyone has their own duties and clearly understands what they should do.“

”Some people may question Liverpool’s lack of action in the transfer market this summer.But I very much believe in the old saying of Klopp:‘If a machine is not broken,You don’t need to fix it.’”

“The striker tridents Salah, Mane and Firmino rarely suffered injuries.This is due to their personal physical fitness and Liverpool’s scientific training system.Not enough substitutes?Now Liverpool also has players such as Origi, Takumi Minano, Shaqiri, Chamberlain and Brewster can use,Klopp also seems to be satisfied with the team’s lineup.”

Manchester City wanted to stop them,Unless you sign Messi.But now it seems unlikely.“

”Messi would be the biggest boost for Manchester City to win the title.Because he is the best player in the world.Last season,Manchester City lost 9 games,Most of them do not seize the opportunity when the ball is dominant.“

”If Messi is there,This situation will not happen.“