News on July 22 recently,Chelsea coach Frank Lampard accepted an interview with Sky Sports before the team’s match against Liverpool.Lampard praised Liverpool’s achievements in recent years.He said he knew what Liverpool’s four heavy championship trophies meant.

Lampard said,At that time, he will not hesitate to approve the team to line up before the game to welcome the new Premier League champion.He also revealed that he would even choose to stay at Anfield after the game to watch the Liverpool team enthusiastically lift their first Premier League championship trophy.He said:“I will not stop my players from watching Liverpool win the Premier League trophy.Because I want them to be inspired by it.”

now,Chelsea ranks third in the league with 63 points in the standings.Only 1 point higher than Leicester City and Manchester United, ranked 4th and 5th.For the Blues,They need to get a victory to consolidate their top four position.

Lampard said that now he wants to focus on his goals in the team.He has ambitions at Chelsea.This season seems to be just a running-in period for him,Transition period,From the outside world, the achievements of Lampard and his team this season have been much better than previously expected.Although the team lost the Belgian superstar Hazard,But this team full of potential is still under the control of Lampard.