September 9th Lyon Sports Director Juninho recently accepted an interview with RMC Sport.Among them, he mainly talked about two key issues,One is about whether it is possible for Barcelona defender Umtiti to return.The other is about transfer rumors with Arsenal.

“Regarding the transfer of players at this level,It is not something we can lead.I contacted Lacazette in January,At that time, he had some problems at Arsenal.So I said to myself in my heart:‘Why not rent Lacazette for six months,Let him return to Lyon,Back to everything he knew well,He can easily score goals and finish the game,Then he can go back to Arsenal,Or go to any club he wants to go to.’But at that time you go to see the teams that are in contact with players of this level,Like Juventus and Barcelona,You will understand,It’s impossible for us,At least it is completely impossible right now.Currently,to be frank,We cannot afford the salary of a player like Umtiti.We have to be honest with the fans,but if,If a player wants to find himself,I hope I can sign a long contract with us to prove my words,I will take him home without hesitation.“

“I have a good relationship with sports director Edu,We talked over the phone.Arteta really likes Avar very much,There are also some exchanges about Gundorzi,He is also a good player.He has been mentioned in the discussion,But we don’t need him at the moment,We expressed this view very clearly.If nothing has changed in this matter,We are not interested in this transaction at all.We cut off the negotiation directly,that’s it.”

According to previous reports from the French media (including the team newspaper and RMC),Arsenal’s offer for Avar has not changed.It was an exchange transaction between Gundorzi and some cash,Lyon was not satisfied with it.Olas hopes to get as much funding as possible.