September 3 News Real Madrid striker Bell, who is currently training for the Welsh national team, accepted an interview with Sky Sports.The former Premier League best player also talked about the possibility of his return to the Premier League and his future in Real Madrid.

Bell talked:“I think everyone knows how much I like to play against Wales,It’s always great to return to a place where you will get more support and appreciation from fans no matter what you do.”

“If any Premier League team is interested in me,I will definitely consider it.Let’s see what happens next,We have plenty of time in this transfer window and other transfer windows.Time will give us the answer,But I think the decision is still in the hands of Real Madrid.”

Talk about the future at Real Madrid

“I tried to leave the team last summer,But Real Madrid stopped the transfer at the last minute.I was originally interested in that project,But it failed in the end.”

“There are other examples,We tried to leave the team,But Real Madrid disagrees.So it still depends on the club.”

“I want to play football,I still have motivation for football,So I think everything depends on the club,They control everything.I still have a contract,All I can do is continue what I’m doing now,And expect something to happen.”

“I’m only 31 years old,I feel that I am in good condition,And I feel I can contribute a lot.Let’s see what happens next,It all depends on the club’s decision,But honestly they make things very difficult.”

Talk about next year’s European Cup

“We have two games next,This is the beginning of our preparations for the European Cup.We are very focused,We don’t have much time to prepare for the game,And I haven’t resumed training yet,I just returned from vacation.”

“I kept myself healthy all summer,We just need to prepare for next year’s European Cup.We had a lot of games before that,Thursday is the beginning.”