September 8 News Danny Murphy analyzed the prospects of the Premier League in the new season in his own column.In his opinion,Chelsea’s signing of Thiago Silva is a very smart signing.The Blues’ defense has also been reborn.Arsenal have the strength to impact the top 4 rankings.As for Manchester United,Murphy believes that signing a central defender is more important than signing Sancho.And when it comes to Tottenham,Murphy thinks,Mourinho can lead the team to the top 4 is an amazing achievement.

Murphy wrote:“In addition to Manchester City and Liverpool,Other teams have completed some exciting signings.”

“Chelsea signed Werner, Zies, Chilwell, Thiago Silva,This is already a declaration from the outside world,What do they want to do in the new season.Let alone on Friday,They also officially announced the signing of German international Haverts for 75 million pounds.”

“Silva may be the smartest deal.He has proven his leadership ability in Paris,Proved that he is a player eager to win,These are exactly what Chelsea lacks.For the young goalkeeper Kepa,It is good to have an experienced player like Thiago standing in front of him.Chelsea is now this line of defense,Aspilicueta, Rudiger, Silva and Chilwell,It’s really good.

Murphy then talked about Arsenal:“Arsenal also ushered in a transformation under the leadership of Arteta.And also signed players such as William and Gabriel.There are still many outstanding young players in their team.Aubameyang is also likely to stay in the team.”

They may challenge Manchester United’s top four rankings,Although Manchester United still has a weak advantage.Sochaux signed a very good young player from Ajax,Van der Baker.Although he is not a midfielder,But I think Manchester United can use him.”

“If you play against a team like Manchester City,Sochaux may lose with Pogba, B Fee and Van der Beek in the midfield.I think Manchester United signed Van der Beek,Or consider from a long-term perspective,To replace Pogba.”

“In addition,We are still waiting to see if Manchester United can sign Sancho for a big price.Sancho will undoubtedly improve Manchester United’s strength,But 100 million pounds is not a small amount.And they already have many good players in the frontcourt.I think signing a central defender may be more important.

“Tottenham’s transfer budget is small,They must be envious that other strong teams can buy people one after another.Mourinho signed Huiber and Dougherty,Are very good players,But can’t make it into the lineups of Liverpool, Manchester City, Chelsea and Manchester United.”

“In Tottenham,Only Kane will attract the interest of other Premier League teams,This also means thatIf Mourinho can lead Tottenham into the top 4,This will be one of the greatest achievements of his coaching career.”