September 2 News Although the hardships of the training camp have long been expected,But it’s really here,I feel that time flies very fast,Unknowingly, a week has passed.The training content of the closed training arrangement is quite rich,Although the intensity is great, everyone is working hard,The new coach also understands more and more about the characteristics of each player.So the training effect is very obvious.

Although we lost a small goal in the warm-up match on Sunday,But in terms of content, we kicked out our own characteristics,Teammates in all positions found their feelings,Losing in this kind of game is not a bad thing,Let us know more clearly where the problem is.Recalling last year’s pre-season training game,Facing the Europa League group match opponents, although they won a lot of goals,But often the problem is covered up.

And there is,The closed training for these two weeks allowed me to regain the familiar feeling of living in a collective life.Apart from training,There will be a lot of chat, communication,The understanding of each other is deeper.Of course, we all know that there may be teammates leaving the group before the start of the game.Although it will be a little bit sad,But they also understand each other.And the newly joined team members quickly became familiar with everyone.common“Make complaints”The devil’s arrangement of the coaching staff.

After training,The team also engages in group activities this week.At the beginning of the season,The welcome program is naturally indispensable.Monday night,Every new player introduced himself in front of the team,Then the young team and the staff team started“Flurry of Demons”,I should have introduced it last year,Every young player newly promoted to the Spanish first team needs to perform and dance,Players who have been transferred can choose to invite everyone to dinner.This tradition has lasted for more than 40 years,In fact, the performance itself is to enliven the atmosphere,So that new players can integrate into the group faster.

And Oyer and Raul, who joined the winter window before, took advantage of this training camp to invite the whole team to a barbecue.When I first came to the team last year, I experienced the same traditional courtesy.This year, I participated as a veteran player.There is still some feeling in my heart.

The coaching staff gave half a day off in midweek.Originally planned to sleep for a long time,But then the epidemic prevention staff in La Liga informed thatAllow us to protect ourselves,Walk for two hours near the hotel.I thought I had never been to Marbella before,I want to see the culture and scenery here,So I also signed up for a walk.

There is another thing that touches me especially.After we warmed up with Cadiz,The team staff told me,A family of three from China waited outside the venue for three full hours.In order to bring me the beef buns they made by themselves.


I know they are Chinese living in the small town of Marbella,I have been following the team’s ins to understand our dynamics before,So I visited me during training a few days ago,But because of the need for epidemic prevention,The venue is completely closed during friendly matches,There is no way to come in and watch the game,but,They held the team flag until the end of the game.You can taste the taste of hometown in a training town in a foreign country,It really touched me.