September 3 News The former Manchester City player Mills was interviewed by talkSPORT.In an interview, he talked about Messi, Mbappé and others.Mills said,No club will pay 700 million liquidated damages for Messi,If the club has so many signings funds, it might as well introduce Van Dijk, Mbappé and Lewandowski.

Mills said:“When I heard that Manchester City was planning to sign Messi,I’m thinking,Where should Messi play after coming to Manchester City?Messi has enough space and freedom in Barcelona,But after coming to Manchester City,What position should he play?”

“If you ask me,Then I think the team that signed Messi must give him enough space.Let Messi play more freely,Because he is the best player in the world,He is the best player I have ever seen.”

“But if Manchester City can introduce Messi,They must make adjustments to the formation.”

“Messi is 33 years old now,He is no longer the Messi 4-5 years ago,His stamina has also declined,I think the team that signed Messi will allow him to devote more energy to the offensive end.”

“But from my perspective,Part of the reason Manchester City wanted to buy Messi was out of vanity.Manchester City may be thinking:‘Messi is the best in the world,We should buy him,Isn’t it?’”

“But 700 million liquidated damages are too high.From my perspective,Even the U.S. League and the Super League could not pay Messi the 700 million liquidated damages.”

“If I have so much funding,I will go and sign Van Dijk,If any team offered Van Dyke 200 million pounds or 2.An offer of 500 million pounds,Will Liverpool accept it?I think Liverpool has no other choice.If a team made such a high price for Van Dijk,They can only accept it.”

“De Bruyne’s current worth is about 200 million pounds.So Van Dijk Gadebrunner’s worth is about 400 million pounds or 4.500 million pounds.”

“If I have 700 million pounds in my hand,So it cost 400 million or 4.After 500 million, I have a lot of money left,Then I will consider signing Mbappe or Lewandowski.”

“Mbappé can play multiple positions in the frontcourt,More flexible.But if you choose to sign a real striker,I would choose Lewand.”